IRC logs for #cip for Thursday, 2021-06-10

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masashi910#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
brlogger`Meeting started Thu Jun 10 09:00:01 2021 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is masashi910. Information about MeetBot at
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masashi910#topic rollcall09:00
*** brlogger` changes topic to "rollcall (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:00
masashi910please say hi if you're around09:00
masashi910Today, Pavel-san cannot join this meeting.09:00
masashi910Let's get started.09:01
masashi910#topic AI review09:01
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masashi9101. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamats09:01
masashi910iwamatsu: are you around?09:01
masashi910iwamatsu_: Hi!09:01
iwamatsu_no update this from me.09:01
masashi910iwamatsu_: Noted. Thanks.09:01
masashi9102. Do some experiment to lower burdens on CI - patersonc09:01
patersonc[m]No updates09:02
masashi910patersonc[m]: Sure. Thanks.09:02
masashi9103. Monitor the status of CVE-2021-3444 and CVE-2021-20292 (3/25) - Kernel Team09:02
masashi910Pavel-san mentioned that he started to look into them. Because he is not here, let's skip.09:03
masashi9104. Update Testing table below with 5.10 info - patersonc09:03
iwamatsu_No update, but 3444 seems to be fixable.09:03
patersonc[m]nO UPDATE09:04
masashi910iwamatsu_: Oh, Thanks! Then let's keep discussing it.09:04
masashi910patersonc[m]: Ok.09:04
masashi910any other topics?09:04
masashi910#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:04
*** brlogger` changes topic to "Kernel maintenance updates (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:04
masashi910== Quote from pavel==09:04
masashi910I reviewed patches for 5.10.42 / 5.10.43 and started to learn how cip-kernel-sec works.09:04
iwamatsu_I reviewed v4.4.27109:05
masashi910iwamatsu_: Thanks for your work.09:05
masashi910any other topics to discuss?09:06
masashi910#topic Kernel testing09:06
*** brlogger` changes topic to "Kernel testing (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:06
masashi910patersonc[m]: The floor is yours.09:06
patersonc[m]We've mostly upgraded to the latest gitlab runner09:06
patersonc[m]As part of this we've also changed the EC2 instance types09:07
patersonc[m]So builds should run a bit quicker, and cheaper09:07
patersonc[m]This work should be completed this morning09:07
patersonc[m]Please let me know if you see any issues (from tomorrow onwards)09:07
patersonc[m]That's about it from me09:07
masashi910patersonc[m]: Thanks for your works.09:08
masashi910any other topics?09:08
patersonc[m]Thanks to Michael!09:08
masashi910Oh, I see. Thanks.09:09
masashi910#topic AOB09:09
*** brlogger` changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:09
masashi910I have one item to share.09:09
masashi910I would like to introduce Masami Ichikawa san from Cybertrust.09:09
masashi910He is going to work on CVE checking from July.09:09
masashi910Please welcome Masami-san. Masami-san, would you like to introduce yourself?09:10
masamimasashi910: ok09:10
masamiHi, I'm Masami Ichikawa. Nice to see you09:10
masamiI've started to run cip-kernel-sec's scripts to learn to get CVE information.09:10
masamiI’m looking forward to working with you.09:10
patersonc[m]Hello masami. Welcome to CIP!09:11
masashi910masami: Thank you!09:11
masamipatersonc[m]: thank you!09:11
masashi910Are there any business to discuss?09:11
patersonc[m]iwamatsu: Can you join the panel discussion at ELC?09:12
masashi910Shall we discuss offline?09:13
masashi910patersonc[m]: Thanks anyway.09:14
masashi910Let's close today's meeting.09:14
brlogger`Meeting ended Thu Jun 10 09:15:03 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)09:15
brlogger`Minutes (text):
*** brlogger` changes topic to "Civil Infrastructure Platform Project. Find the logs at"09:15
masashi910Thanks, Bye!09:15
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