IRC logs for #cip for Friday, 2021-05-28

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ironfootHey all, happy to start moving brlogger, if that sounds ok12:04
alicefironfoot: thanks12:12
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alicefironfoot: brlogger need some special permission for changing the topic ?15:13
ironfootoh, I do not know15:27
ironfootto be honest, I've never used the meetbot. I was suprised that it would just work for #cip15:27
alicefI think because the previous channel was not registered15:31
alicefcan I try a fake startmeeting ?15:32
shoraganyou have -t set, so only ops can change the topic15:34
alicefshoragan: thanks15:34
alicefironfoot: the best would be if you can register the bot and I give auto op15:39
ironfootIt's registered15:39
alicefoh nice !15:40
ironfootAlternative nicks brlogger` and brlogger_15:40
alicefI'm ok with brlogger as is the main account15:41
ironfootSometimes changes on random reconnects15:42
alicefif is still identified it should work anyway15:42
ironfootYes, it will be identified. Cool then15:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o brlogger15:43
alicefironfoot: can you test the bot ?15:52
aliceffor checking everything works as expected for the next meeting15:52
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