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masashi910#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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masashi910#topic rollcall09:00
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masashi910please say hi if you're around09:00
masashi910#topic AI review09:00
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masashi9101. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamatsu09:01
iwamatsuno update about this, sorry09:01
masashi910iwamatsu: Noted. Thanks.09:01
masashi9102. Post LTP results to KernelCI - patersonc09:01
masashi910Per Chris-san's request, this AI is closed. This is in Chris-san's backlog, but will not be addressed in the near future.09:01
masashi910any other topics?09:01
masashi910patersonc: Sure. :)09:02
masashi910#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:02
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pave1I have reviewed patches for 4.19.145 and .146.09:02
wensnine new CVEs this week, most are fixed #
pave1In .146, functionality is removed (scrollback on fbcon). I believe that is bad idea as scrollback is quite important for kernel debugging on PCs.09:03
iwamatsuI reviewed v4.4.236 and 237-rc109:03
wenspave1: having spent time in datacenters with VGA consoles, I agree09:03
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wensCVE-2020-25284 is in rbd ( Ceph block device ). Siemens has this built as a module in their 4.4-rt x86 config, but not their 4.19 one09:05
wensmasashi910: Could you reach out to them to clarify if they use it or not?09:06
wensif they do, we'll need to backport the fix to 4.409:06
masashi910wens: CVE-2020-25284, sure, I will.09:06
masashi910wens: if they need, backport to 4.4-rt is needed, is it correct?09:07
wensmasashi910: correct. currently it is only fixed for v4.19 and later stable kernels09:07
masashi910pave1, wens, iwamatsu: Thanks for your works.09:08
masashi910wens: sure.09:08
masashi910Any other topics?09:08
masashi910#topic Kernel testing09:09
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patersoncNothing extra to report from me since the TSC on Tuesday09:09
masashi910patersonc: Thanks.09:09
masashi910Any other topics?09:09
masashi910#topic Software update09:10
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masashi910Quote from Suzuki-san "SW Updates WG don't have any updates this week."09:10
masashi910any other topics?09:10
masashi910#topic CIP Security09:10
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masashi910Yoshida-san or Dinesh-san, are you around?09:10
masashi910yoshidak[m]: the floor is yours.09:11
yoshidak[m]We are trying to backport duplicity from bullseye to buster since current buster version depends on previous python (2.x).09:12
masashi910yoshidak[m]: Do you have any updates?09:12
yoshidak[m]Now, we have done to backport implementation and tesing.09:12
yoshidak[m]That's all from me today09:12
masashi910yoshidak[m]: Thanks for your report.09:13
masashi910any other topics?09:13
masashi910#topic AOB09:13
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masashi910Any business to discuss?09:13
wensCVE-2020-12888 is related to MMIO access from VM guest to host09:13
pave1wens: Yes, I have seen that in 4.19.09:14
pave1wens: Basically... you are giving your VM access to your hardware.09:14
wensI doubt CIP members use this. Fix is missing from v4.4 (was backported to 4.9 and 4.14 though).09:14
pave1wens: ...that means your VM can do "fun" stuff with your hardware.09:14
pave1wens: ...simply don't do that. Or don't be surprised.09:14
wensin other news, about MOXA's request to backport TPM support to v4.409:15
wensI believe they require TPM-TIS-SPI and TPM 2.0 support.09:16
pave1(If someone needs CVE-2020-12888 to be fixed, we can do that, but... it is quite a corner case).09:16
wensI will dig through git history to see what is needed.09:16
masashi910wens, pave1: Shall I ask CIP members whether they need backporting of CVE-2020-12888?09:16
pave1masashi910: I don't think that's needed.09:17
masashi910pave1: OK, thanks!09:18
wensLooks like Siemens (x86) and Renesas (arm64) have it enabled.09:18
wensnothing else on my end.09:19
masashi910wens, pave1: Thanks for your following up discussions.09:19
masashi910any other business?09:19
masashi910If there are no other topics, let's close the meeting.09:20
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pave1Thank you!09:20
patersoncSLTS kernel choice meeting in 10 mins...09:20
masashi910Thanks, see you soon!09:20
wensThank you!09:20
pave1See you in 10 minutes :-).09:20
wensbwh: if you see this, could you look at the debian CVE tracker? It seems recent updates have the "bug" field showing just the bug number, instead of the full bug tracker URL.09:22
wensbwh: If this is the new format, then I will update the import script to accommodate it.09:22
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patersoncmasashi910: I think I'm stuck in a lobby?09:33
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sashalwens: the scrollback code got dumped because of multiple security issues reported against it. We could of course fix those issues, but no one stepped up to maintain that code in the future so we wanted to avoid leaving dodgy rotting code in the kernel/stable trees13:28
sashalIf anyone cares enough about it and wants to maintain it, we can bring the functionality back in13:28
sashalBut right now we just don't want known-bad code in stable trees13:28
wenssashal: I understand13:29
bwhwens: I will query the bug format, but in a Debian context I think it is reasonable to use just a number, and import_debian could fix that up.13:30
wensbwh: right, I'd just like to know if it was a one-off thing13:34
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