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patersoncHello mablabs15:57
mablabsHello! I joined this IRC as recommended by the CIP talk given at the ELC, as getting involved15:58
patersoncIs there anything specifically you're interested in? Or anything you'd like to know more about?15:59
mablabsWould like to understand the best way to dive in to make any contributions, even if it's documentation or similar grunt work. I have experience in BSP customization, Linux drivers, u-boot, etc.16:01
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patersoncSounds great. I suggest you ping an email to the cip-dev mailing list ( to say hi. You'll reach a larger audience16:02
patersoncThen I guess pick an area. We do a lot of code reviews on the LTS Kernels for each stable-rc release. We are gradually ramping up our automated testing. We are working on our "cip-core" debian-based reference filesystem. SW updates, Security16:04
patersoncLots to get involved in :)16:04
patersoncThere are also patches submited to cip-dev from various sources that need reviewing before we add them into the SLTS kernel(s)16:06
patersoncThese are maininly for adding new platform support (as the usual bug/security fixes go into the stable branches and CIP takes them from there)16:06
mablabsCool. Sounds exciting. Are there an overarching list of requirements that define the acceptance criteria?16:08
patersoncSomewhere on the wiki16:08
* patersonc starts trawling...16:08
mablabsReviewing platform support sounds appealing16:10
patersoncGreat. Patches aren't too frequent though.16:12
patersoncWe have a patchwork site, but tbh I'm not sure how up to date it is:
mablabsIs the iWave RZ/G1M Qseven Development Kit necessary for meaningful development? It's a bit pricey, but if there's no way around it for testing, then I might be able to justify the expense.16:25
patersoncIt's just one of the supported reference platforms16:27
patersoncWe also support these:
patersoncThe BeagleBone black being fairly affordable16:27
patersoncWe also have remote testing infrastructure containing all of the reference platforms16:28
mablabsCool, I have a DE1-SoC laying around from previous work. The only difference between that and the Nano are the peripherals.16:36
mablabsAlso, is there some history as to why Deby was used instead of Yocto?16:37
patersoncMainly because Yocto doesn't (or didn't at the time) have any form of LTS, where as Debian ELTS supports up to 6 years16:40
mablabsYeah, this link is actually a pretty good overview:
patersoncCIP has two 'profiles' for it's reference filesystem. 'tiny' which is based on Deby, and 'generic' which is based on ISAR16:42
patersoncISAR is another approach to build Debian based OS's leveraging bitbake etc.16:43
tpollardis the tiny from deby meant as a similar to poky tiny?16:45
patersoncNo, it's just a small selection of packages that CIP aims to support long term. The bare essentials16:46
patersoncThe image is about 2MB I think16:46
mablabsThis issue also looks appealing and is inline with my experience:
mablabsDo I just send an email to the mailing list?16:48
mablabsTo get started16:48
patersoncSure. I'd recommend it. Just in case plans have changed or in case someone has already started to look into it. Plus everyone would love to say hi etc. :)16:49
tpollardpatersonc: the last time I checked the rootfs of pony tiny was 3MB, so not far off :)16:53
tpollardalthough not as small as it's name would suggest16:54
patersoncThe poky FS I normally use is something like 180MB16:54
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dineshk[m]Frequent buffering during yoshi talk20:58
patersoncI had a lot of audio issues for both of them :)20:58
dineshk[m]Same here21:58
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