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masashi910#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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masashi910#topic rollcall09:00
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masashi910please say hi if you're around09:00
szlinsangorrin: welcome back!!!09:00
masashi910#topic AI review09:01
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masashi9101. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - Iwamatsu-san09:01
sangorrinthank you!09:01
masashi910Quote from Iwamatsu-san "No update."09:01
masashi9102. Strengthen sustainable process to backport patches from Mainline/LTS - Kernel Team09:01
masashi910The current discussion among the kernel team is described in the following document.09:01
masashi910If you have any comments, please add as "comment"s to the document.09:02
masashi9103. Upload a guideline for reference hardware platform addition - masashi91009:02
masashi910Updates can be reported around June timeframe.09:02
masashi910any other topics?09:02
masashi910#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:03
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel maintenance updates (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:03
masashi910Quote from Iwamatsu-san "No update. But I reviewed and checked other LTS kernel."09:03
wensnothing from me this week09:03
pave1I have started reviewing 4.19.114, and started working on v4.4-rt release.09:03
masashi910wens: noted. thanks.09:04
masashi910pave1: Thanks for your works.09:04
pave1And I believe we should talk about realtime.09:05
pave1Is it suitable time to do it now?09:05
masashi910pave1: yes, please go ahead.09:05
pave1So... we have a list of supported boards for 4.4 and 4.19.09:06
pave1Would it make sense to separate support for 4.4-rt and 4.19-rt?09:06
pave1List is here:
masashi910pave1: I believe so.09:08
pave1Not every hardware is suitable for realtime.09:08
masashi910pave1: so, should we ask board proposers for their preference?09:08
patersoncFYI, I've asked some colleagues to add RT configs for the Renesas boards to cip-kernel-config09:09
patersoncThis means we can add them for testing the RT Kernels09:09
pave1I believe that would be the way to go. "Do you believe your board is suitable for realtime operation, and should we support 4.x-rt on it?"09:09
patersoncI agree to expanding the table on the wiki, makes sense to me09:09
patersoncPresumably the RT Kernel should still run on non-RT boards though, with non-RT configs?09:10
patersoncOr is the RT Kernel only ever expected to run in RT use cases?09:10
masashi910pave1, patersonc: ok, then I will send an inquiry to mailing list.09:10
fujita3pave1: which one do you think now not suitable for RT?09:10
punitIt's good for sanity testing09:11
bwhIt should do, since the RT stuff is supposed to go upstream eventually09:11
pave1massashi910: Thank you.09:11
bwh(it should work in non-RT configurations, that is)09:11
pave1Well, it is configuration we recently discovered bugs in.09:11
pave1OTOH... you don't patch your kernel with huge/intrusive patch just to disable it ;-).09:11
punitAnother approach would be to just use the RT kernel always and only enable RT for users who care09:12
bwhYes, it's not that important for *us* to test that now.09:12
punitAs bwh said, RT patches are intended to be mainlined eventually09:13
pave1fujita3: I'm not sure which boards are unsuitable. My notes say thinkpad x60 is not suitable.09:13
pave1fujita3: I'd expect x86 boards with SMM bios to be unsuitable.09:14
fujita3pave1: Ah, okay.09:14
pave1fujita3: But normally it is advertised the other way around, "this one is good for realtime".09:14
pave1punit: No.09:14
masashi910so as a first step, we will identify boards to be tested on 4.4 and/or 4.19 by asking the board proposers.09:15
fujita3masashi910: +109:15
pave1bwh: So... yes, testing non-real-time config on realtime kernel is good excersise to catch bugs (and that's de0-nano issue), but I'm not sure if we should dedicate resources to that.09:15
masashi910then, we will determine which config we should use for our testing.09:15
pave1Makes sense.09:15
pave1patersonc: Would it be possible to get RT configuration for at least one Renesas board tested for realtime?09:16
pave1patersonc: cyclictest + find / in the background should be good first start.09:16
patersoncpave1: Planning to add a PR to cip-kernel-config in the next week or two for this09:17
masashi910thanks to all for your discussions.09:17
masashi910any other topics?09:18
masashi910#topic Kernel testing09:18
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patersoncfujita3: I've just copied you in on the internal email09:18
masashi910patersonc: the floor is yours09:18
patersoncI'm in the process of setting up a 'staging' copy of our LAVA setup09:19
fujita3masashi910: thanks09:19
patersoncGot some hardware from the office yesterday to set up a little lab at home09:19
patersoncThe x86 reference platform is up again09:19
patersoncCurrently working with Denx to get their lab operational09:19
patersoncI think that's about it09:19
masashi910patersonc: thanks for your works.09:20
fujita3(sorry patersonc, I copied wrong line)09:20
masashi910any queries?09:20
masashi910#topic CIP Core09:20
*** brlogger changes topic to "CIP Core (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:20
masashi910Punit-san, the floor is yours09:21
punitThanks, masashi91009:21
punitThis week there are no updates from CIP-core!09:21
masashi910punit: noted. thanks for your report.09:21
masashi910any queries?09:22
masashi910#topic Software update09:22
punitI am looking to setup a CIP core members meeting to discuss maintenance issues09:22
*** brlogger changes topic to "Software update (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:22
masashi910Suzuki-san, the floor is yours09:22
yoshidak[m]masashi910: see the above comment from Punit09:22
suzuki67I don't have major progress since the last meeting.09:22
suzuki67I'm still working on integrating deby + meta-swupdate. (
suzuki67That's all from me.09:23
masashi910punit: Sorry, I misunderstood your comment.09:23
masashi910suzuki67: thanks for your report.09:23
punitNo worries! I am having latency issues so comments are taking a long time09:24
masashi910punit: sorry. do you have any other reports?09:24
punitI'll send a doodle to find a suitable slot09:25
punitThat's it. Thank you09:25
masashi910punit: Thank you!09:25
masashi910so, back to Suzuki-san's report.09:26
masashi910are there any queries?09:26
masashi910#topic CIP Security09:27
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masashi910Yoshida-san, the floor is yours09:27
yoshidak[m]I don't have any update this week, but I'd like to discuss about python version issues as the dependency of security package.09:27
yoshidak[m]Then, I'll post it to CIP-Dev ML, so let's discuss about @CIP core team09:28
masashi910yoshidak[m]: thanks. do you have any other reports?09:29
yoshidak[m]masashi910: That's all from me this week, thank you09:29
masashi910yoshidak[m]: thank you!09:29
masashi910any queries?09:29
masashi910#topic AOB09:30
*** brlogger changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:30
masashi910Are there any business matters to discuss?09:30
brloggerMeeting ended Thu Apr  2 09:30:59 2020 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)09:30
brloggerMinutes (text):
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masashi910Thank you! See you next week!09:31
bwhThanks masashi91009:31
wensthank you!09:31
pave1Thank you!09:31
suzuki67Thank you!09:31
fujita3Thank you!09:31
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patersoncHi all09:34
patersoncAny objections to me rebooting the LAVA master?09:34
patersoncIt'll mean there will be some downtime09:35
masashi910no objection from me. :)09:37
patersoncI plan to reboot it at 1100 BST09:37
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