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szlin#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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szlin#topic rollcall09:00
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szlinplease say hi if you're around09:00
szlin#topic AI review09:01
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szlin1. Provide the cases to cip-testing to build up the test environment - Iwamatsu-san09:01
iwamatsuszlin: I do not finish yet, I am going to finish next week.09:01
iwamatsuplease keep this A.I.09:02
szliniwamatsu: thank you for let me know09:02
szlin2. Ask cip-dev which configurations need testing - patersonc09:02
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patersoncI think we can close this now09:02
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szlinpatersonc: I see, thanks.09:03
szlin3. Test LTS (pre)releases directly - patersonc09:03
patersoncNo progress09:03
szlinok, let's keep the AI09:03
szlin4. Invesgate gitlab mirror issue - szlin09:03
patersoncIt's on my kanban board, so we could kill the AI if you want09:03
szlinLast IRC meeting, Pavel mentioned the mirror issue in gitlab.09:04
szlinI've checked that it's LAVA issue instead of mirror mechanism problem09:04
szlinIwamatsu-san also replied on this via cip-dev.09:04
szlinso I think this AI can be closed09:05
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szlin#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:05
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szlinIwamatsu-san released 4.19.72-cip10 and v4.4.192-cip3709:05
szlinFor cip-kernel-sec, I planned to send some PR in cip-kernel-sec last week, but I had urgent tasks to do occasionally.09:05
szlinso I will do it in these days.09:06
szliniwamatsu: do you have any updates?09:06
iwamatsuI reviewed v4.4.167.09:06
szliniwamatsu: thank you.09:07
szlinbwh: would you like to update on this topic09:07
bwhOh, what do you want to know?09:08
szlinbwh: about the any progress on kernel maintenance09:08
bwhiwamatsu and Pavel are getting on with that, and I don't have any commen on that09:10
szlinbwh: I see, thanks.09:10
szlin#topic Kernel testing09:10
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patersoncLAVA master issues have been fixed09:10
szlinpatersonc: ^ thank you very much09:11
patersoncBoth labs are up and running, although test in the mentor lab sometimes timeout as the internet connection is a little slow09:11
patersoncI've update linux-cip-ci so that Kernel configs are stored even when the build fails09:11
patersoncSupport has been added for the RZ/G2M and RZ/G1C boards09:12
patersoncI think that's about it this week09:12
szlinany other topics?09:12
szlin#topic CIP Core09:13
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szlinkazu is not around, any other topics?09:13
szlin#topic Software update09:13
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szlinditto, any other topics?09:13
szlin#topic AOB09:14
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szlinany other business?09:14
patersoncI wanted to discuss LTP and CIP-Core09:14
szlinpatersonc: sure, we can do it after the meeting09:14
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szlinthank you all09:15
fujita[m]Thank you09:15
patersoncIs there a Kernel meeting at ELC-E?09:15
szlinpatersonc: Not planned yet.09:16
szliniwamatsu: would you attend ELC-E?09:16
iwamatsuszlin: I will attend ELCE.09:17
szliniwamatsu: great.09:17
szlinpatersonc: I think it makes sense to conduct kernel & testing meeting at ELCE09:18
szliniwamatsu: what do you think?09:18
iwamatsuI think so.09:18
iwamatsuWe need to get a meeting place.09:19
patersoncPub? ;)09:20
szliniwamatsu: yes, I will send the email to investigate how many participants want to join.09:20
szlinpatersonc: lol09:20
patersoncMaybe we should have a mini hackathon to get some more tests running09:21
szlinpatersonc: nice idea.09:23
iwamatsuFor testing, it is easy to increase we have a rootfs that conforms to test-definitions.09:25
patersoncCan we add these changes to CIP Core?09:25
patersoncI'm guessing we'll have to use the non-tuny profile09:25
iwamatsuSince we are building on the basis of Poky / Yocto, we will need to confirm it.09:26
patersoncThe larger profile uses ISAR09:26
patersoncUnless we can add the changes to Deby09:27
iwamatsupartersonc: Yes,09:27
iwamatsuWe need to build rootfs with some packages added to CIP-core.09:27
iwamatsuI am working on this. I have never used ISAR.09:28
iwamatsu(I am cloning ISAR repo now.....09:29
iwamatsuI will talk about this with Kazu tomorrow.09:29
patersoncIdeally it would be good to have everything in CIP-Core, rather than have a separate testing RFS. This way we're verifying CIP-Core as well09:30
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patersoncIs anyone online?12:43
patersoncszlin:  If we want to start testing LTS v4.4.y, do we want to test the release candidates? Or only once the release has been made?12:50
szlinhmm, I prefer to test with RC version12:52
patersoncMakes more sense to me. And I've found this now I can use:
patersoncWe'll have the same problem we had before though. I'll have no way to add our .gitlab-ci.yaml file to the repo12:55
szlinpatersonc: do you mean cip-kernel-rc?13:01
patersoncIf we want to test the stable-rc releases from Greg, ideally we need to add gitlab-ci files to a clone of his repo13:08
patersoncBut doing this will stop the repo from automatically updating in GitLab.13:08
patersoncSo we'll have to either manually (cron job) update the repo, or find another way13:08
szlinpatersonc: isn't a common situation for others?14:58
szlinI'm not sure with that14:59
bwhszlin: When might you have time to look at cip-kernel-sec?16:16
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