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szlin#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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szlin#topic rollcall09:00
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szlinplease say hi if you're around09:00
szlin#topic AI review09:00
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szlin1. Provide the script for CIP kernel config collection - bwh09:00
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sangorrinNote: I plan to integrate that with the CVE scripts09:01
sangorrini.e.: get issues that affect your kernel for this configuration09:01
szlinsangorrin: do you mean CVE scripts & config collection script?09:01
bwhszlin: This is mostly done; I still need to add a rule to merge the lists of source files together09:02
szlinfair enough09:02
szlinbwh: thanks, I will keep this AI.09:02
sangorrinszlin: yes09:02
szlinsangorrin: got it, thanks.09:03
szlin2. List real time kernel questions to ask Daniel Wagner - szlin09:03
szlin-> Done09:03
szlin3. Try updating CIP RT kernel to 4.19.50 - Pavel09:03
pave1So.. I released update... and I got feedback that I numbered the version wrong.09:04
pave1I'll need to fix that one.09:04
szlin#action Fix release number in CIP RT kernel - pavel09:04
szlinpave1: thanks09:04
pave1But my testing shows some high latencies I'm currently debugging.09:04
szlinpave1: we can discuss RT testing in CIP kernel & testing f2f meeting.09:05
szlin4. Work out a solution for LAVA master backups - patersonc09:06
patersoncNot done09:07
szlinpatersonc: thanks, I will keep this AI09:07
szlin#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:07
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sangorrinI sent a "few" patches to Ben (sorry if there are too many)09:07
pave1I finished review of 4.19.57, and reviewed 4.19.58. (Plus I'm having realtime fun).09:08
iwamatsuszlin: I reviewed 4.4.164, and I updated base of 4.4.y and 4.19.y for release.09:09
bwhsangorrin: No, not too many09:09
szlinthank you!09:09
iwamatsuI am testing on LAVA updated kernel.09:09
patersonciwamatsu: Great09:09
szliniwamatsu: Please let me know if you need any assistence in relesing kernel.09:10
patersonciwamatsu: Sorry about the healthcheck issues on G2E. I've added a patch to fix it. I'll try and update the master today09:10
iwamatsuszlin: OK, thanks for your help!09:10
szlinI'm working with yamamodo in failed patches.09:11
iwamatsupatersonc: great! thank you!09:11
szlinany other comments?09:12
szlin#action Send invitation email to cip-members for CIP kernel and testing f2f meeting in OSS-J - szlin09:12
szlinpatersonc: please go ahead09:12
patersoncIs there any chance my gitlab-ci.yml patches could be reviewed/merged before OSS-J?09:12
pave1patersonc: Yes, I believe I should just do that.09:13
patersoncThey could also be added to the -rt branches, as they are only doing boot tests atm09:13
patersoncThanks pave109:14
szlin#action Review "gitlab-ci.yml" patches before OSS-J - pavel09:14
szlinpave1: thank you.09:15
szlin#topic Kernel testing09:15
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szlinpatersonc: the floor is yours09:15
patersonc#info Mentor are still working on adding the two Siemens boards:09:15
patersonc#info At OSS-J we will have a browser open on a RZ/G2M platform that can be used to show the GitLab CI / LAVA testing websites.09:15
patersonc#info szlin is trying to set up a Kernel maintenance/testing meeting at OSS-J.09:15
patersoncAgenda (WIP):
patersoncCan people fill in the doodle if they want to attend?
patersoncThat's it from me this week, unless there are any questions?09:16
szliniwamatsu: pave1 bwh ^ please fill in when you're available.09:17
szlinany other comments?09:18
szlin#topic CIP Core09:18
*** brlogger changes topic to "CIP Core (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:18
sangorrin#info I am just testing the deployment of Deby from Gitlab to AWS S3 (
sangorrinthat's all09:19
bwhszlin: I'm not going to OSS-J09:19
szlinsangorrin: thank you09:19
szlinbwh: could you join the meeting via zoom?09:19
pave1szlin: Ok, will do. Note that I'll not be in Japan, so it will be some kind of remote access.09:20
iwamatsuszlin: OK, I will add to doodle.09:20
szlinpave1: no problem, we will setup it.09:20
szliniwamatsu: thank you09:20
szlin== Quote from Kazu ==09:20
szlin* (WIP) Creating document about CIP-Core package decision process [60%]09:20
szlin* (WIP) Implementing the script to resolve package dependencies automatically [20%]09:20
szlin* Arrange CIP Core / testing WG F2F meeting on July 15th (11 attendees)09:20
bwhszlin: Not sure09:20
pave1szlin: thank you!09:20
szlinany other comments?09:21
szlin#topic Software update09:22
*** brlogger changes topic to "Software update (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:22
sangorrin#info Demo is almost ready, I created a small double-side leaflet to explain the demo and the workgroup to participants.09:22
szlinsangorrin: nice09:22
sangorrin#info I updated the wiki page also, we need to decide the next roadmap during the F2F meeting09:22
szlinany other comments?09:23
szlin#topic AOB09:23
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szlinany other business?09:23
bwhI still want to know if I can remove old kernel configs for 4.1909:24
pave1patersonc: I'd like to chat after the meeting if possible.09:24
bwhIf we don't do that, it will make more work for the kernel maintainers as they will have to review stable changes that don't affect members09:24
patersoncpave1: Sure09:24
pave1patersonc: Thanks!09:24
patersoncbwh: I've updated the renesas configs, so please keep09:25
szlinbwh: I've asked my counterpart to update the config before this week, and thus I can update the MR afterward.09:25
sangorrinI was planning to answer soon. I think that the config I sent specifically for 4.19 is the only needed from Toshiba. I will confirm tommorrow09:25
bwhpatersonc: acknowledged09:25
sangorrin→ tomorrow09:26
bwhsangorrin: thanks09:27
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brloggerMinutes (text):
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szlinthank you all09:27
iwamatsuthank you!09:27
pave1Thank you!09:27
laurence-thanks szlin09:27
yamamodothanks you09:27
toyooka_ctjthank you!09:27
laurence-bwh: what's the impact of keeping some members old config files and removing others? does that matter at all?09:27
bwhlaurence-: If any of those config files are not really being used, it is likely to mean wasted effort in reviewing stable changes. Of course, that depends on how much they overlap with the config files that really are used.09:30
laurence-OK, so a response from each member is needed really, thanks09:32
pave1patersonc: First, thanks for the pointers.09:33
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pave1 is actually one of my experiments.09:34
pave1But problem with the cyclictest is that it cluctuates a lot...09:35
pave1...even non-realtime kernels can have maximum of 167 usec (which is pretty good).09:35
pave1So it seems we'd need longer test and probably some kind of background load.09:35
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pave1I tried to modify the tests, but Lava is not my friend (yet).09:36
pave1So I'll need some help there...09:38
patersoncLet me have a go09:43
patersoncpave1: hello11:33
patersoncdo you have a link to a rt kernel?11:34
pave1Hello, still here.11:34
pave1Sources or binary?11:34
pave1Will binary for iwg20m do the trick?11:36
pave14.19 based?11:36
patersoncwhatever you've been testing with cyclictest11:37
pave1Let me build it.11:38
patersoncIs just a normal build?11:39
pave1I think so, yes.11:39
pave1It can be seen on first few lines on kernel boot -- it says kernel version and "RT" in the version if realtime is enabled.11:39
pave1So I'm building 4.19.50 with _RT_FULL for iwg20m.11:40
patersoncI've created a test for cyclictest + hackbench11:41
patersoncThe results are shocking with the non-rt kernel11:42
pave1I've put rt build on
patersoncProbably some tweaking to be done with test params, but it'll be interesting to see how it goes with a RT kernel11:42
patersoncI assume the dtb is the same?11:43
pave1I've updated it, too. But I assume it is same.11:43
patersoncTest running:
pave1I've started running tests on T40p. ... it seems to be halfway usable.11:44
pave1Fairly old IBM thinkpad... but someone had good results on T41 so I tried it.11:47
tpollardonly 16 years old....11:48
patersoncResults are in from that RT build:
patersoncCompared to non-RT build:
pave1non-RT results are probably wrong.11:50
pave1high res timers are needed for useful results.11:50
patersoncThe iwg20m does have highres counters if you need them11:52
pave1Yes... CONFIG_HIGH_RES_TIMERS=y needs to be enabled in kernel config or cyclic test complains and produces invalid results like that11:53
pave1Thanks for the help, I'll need to go soon.11:54
patersoncOh you mean for the non-rt results above. Gotcha11:54
pave1Yep. min latency should be < 50 usec.11:55
patersoncThat's okay. If you have a non-RT kernel with the high res timers ON then that would be good to compare with job #197211:55
pave1So I have feeling that #1972 is wrong -- 1262 usec is way too much.11:56
patersoncThe configs for hackbench could probably be improved11:57
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pave1Yes.. there's a lot work left.12:01
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pave1I need to go, bye for now and thanks for the help!12:10
patersoncNo worries12:14
patersoncChat soon12:14
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laurence-Is there a list available anywhere to see all of the talks being given by CIP members at OSSJ ?19:19
laurence-I'm sure I have seen it.19:19
laurence-I guess there is
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