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szlin#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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szlin#topic rollcall09:00
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szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
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szlin#topic AI review09:01
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szlin1. Send investigating email for kernel-testing lab to cip-dev - patersonc09:01
patersoncI think we can remove this action. I've created requirements for the lab and sent them to a vendor for quote.09:01
patersoncWhen I know more about costs I'll update the TSC09:02
szlinpatersonc: thanks.09:02
szlin2. Provide the script for CIP kernel config collection - bwh09:02
bwhThis is nearly ready. I will push it to Gitlab shortly.09:02
szlinbwh: thanks.09:03
szlin3. List some questions to ask Daniel Wagner - szlin09:03
szlinThis AI is still ongoing,09:03
pave1Ok, let me chime in.09:04
pave1I took a look at -cip-rt tree... and it is scary, but not that scary.09:04
pave1I guess best course of action is to simply try updating -cip-rt to 4.19.50, and gather any questions that arise while doing that.09:05
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pave1Would it be ok for me to try that?09:05
szlinno objection here09:05
szliniwamatsu: bwh any comments?09:06
iwamatsupave1: ok09:06
szlin#action Update CIP RT kernel to 4.19.50 - Pavel09:07
pave1I guess I'll have some (stupid) questions about rt after the meeting, if interested parties could stay for a while after that...09:07
szlinpave1: please keep us posted after the updating :-)09:07
pave1szlin: I'd formulate that as "Try updating", but ok ;-).09:07
szlinpave1: I see09:08
szlin#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:08
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel maintenance updates (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:08
szliniwamatsu: pave1 bwh do you have any updates on kernel maintenance updates?09:09
iwamatsuszlin: I released 4.4.181-cip33 and 4.19.50-cip3, and I reviewed v4.4.161 and v4.4.162.09:09
pave1I reviewed 4.19.51 and
szliniwamatsu: thank you for your work.09:10
szlinpave1: thank you!09:10
pave1There was question on the mailing list:09:10
pave14.19.52 contains fixes for remote crash.09:10
bwhIt might be worth doig out-of-cycle updates to incorporate that09:11
pave1It is just a crash, but it got wide publicity.09:11
iwamatsupave1: I already upldated to lastet kernel in my local repo.09:11
szlinJan raised a question in SACK issue09:12
pave1iwamatsu: If that's okay with you, I believe releasing it soon would make sense.09:13
iwamatsuI can release new cip kernel soon to fix SNAK issue.09:13
iwamatsupave1: OK, I will release after this meeting09:13
szliniwamatsu: thank you very much. so this new release will be at next Friday?09:14
szliniwamatsu: it's ok to reply me after the meeting09:16
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szlinany other topics?09:16
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szlin#topic Kernel testing09:16
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel testing (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:16
patersoncIssues with LAVA master (login issues, email notification issues) have been resolved.09:17
patersoncI'm not sure if Mentor have made any more progress on their lab, I'll check.09:17
patersoncLF are still working out if/how they can give us SSH access to the LAVA master.09:17
patersoncRegarding Renesas RZ/G boards, what maintainers already have access to a physical board?09:17
patersoncAnd do any maintainers need a physical board if they don't already have one?09:17
patersoncIs remote access using LAVA enough for maintenance needs?09:17
szlinpatersonc: do you mean "kernel" maintainer ?09:18
patersoncYes, sorry09:18
patersoncBasically I want to know if Renesas needs to provide any more boards09:19
pave1No access, but I don't think I urgently need one. You are providing patches and testing, so there's not much development I need to do there09:19
patersoncpave1: Okay. Thank you.09:20
szlinbwh: iwamatsu: ^ do you have any comments?09:20
iwamatsuI dont have any comment.09:21
szlinany other topics?09:21
patersoncI guess that's it from me, unless there are any questions?09:21
szlin#topic CIP Core09:22
*** brlogger changes topic to "CIP Core (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:22
szlinkazu_: give the floor to you09:22
kazu_Held the second CIP-Core meeting to discuss the package decision process09:22
kazu_There are topics remaining that should be discussed more09:22
kazu_I'm clarifying the action items, then will report the summay to CIP members ML09:23
kazu_today or tomorrow09:23
szlinkazu_: thanks, have you decided to have CIP-core F2F meeting in OSS-J?09:23
kazu_Sorry, not yet09:24
kazu_I would like to propose this topic to the ML as well09:24
szlinkazu_: got it, please keep us posted if you make the decision :)09:24
kazu_Thank you09:25
szlinany other topics?09:25
kazu_There are several technical updates from Daniel, but he doesn't attend ?09:25
szlinkazu_: yes, he is not here09:25
kazu_OK, please go ahead09:26
szlin#topic Software update09:26
*** brlogger changes topic to "Software update (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:26
szlinkazu_: since Daniel is not here, would you like to update this topic?09:26
szlinor he can update these topics via cip-dev afterwards09:28
kazu_Sorry, I don't summarize the updates of this topic...09:28
szlinkazu_: never mind :)09:28
kazu_I think so09:28
szlinany other updates?09:28
szlin#topic AOB09:28
*** brlogger changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:28
szlinany other business?09:28
brloggerMeeting ended Thu Jun 20 09:29:07 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)09:29
brloggerMinutes (text):
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szlinthank you all09:29
kazu_Thank you09:29
fujita[m]Thank you09:29
pave1thank you.09:29
iwamatsuszlin: about kernel release, I plan to release it today or tomorrow.09:30
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pave1About realtime...09:30
pave1Do we want to support all the hardware we support in cip?09:31
pave1Do we automatically take patches from -cipX to -cipX-rt?09:31
iwamatsuCIP-RT applies RT patch to CIP kernel.09:32
patersoncpave1: At the moment we do. The -rt version get's rebased on top of the latest CIP Kernel each release.09:33
pave1Ok, so all hardware and all changes should automatically be incorporated.09:33
pave1patersonc: If I do changes to -cipX-rt, but won't release a new version, will you be able to test it?09:34
patersoncIt can be tested in the LAVA lab, yes.09:35
pave1Ok, good. I'll see what I can do.09:35
patersoncpave1: Have you used the LAVA lab before?09:35
pave1I did run some test jobs, yes.09:36
pave1I can't really imagine using it... it is complex.09:36
pave1But I guess I can get changes commited and ask for testing...09:37
iwamatsupave1: if you need to help, let me know.09:38
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pave1iwamatsu: Thanks!09:39
patersoncpave1: Okay. We need to work on a set of test cases that should be run. Then all the maintainer will need to do is modify the test job to specify where the Kernel to be tested is stored.09:39
patersoncWhen the GitLab CI setup is complete this can be done automatically on branches/merge requests pushed to GitLab.09:39
pave1patersonc: Yes, that would be good. Get tests running on current -cipX-rt, so it is obvious when I break things.09:40
iwamatsucreating test case is very important. I am building lava lab at my office and my house now.09:40
pave1patersonc: It would be good if some testing of actual latencies was performed.09:41
patersonciwamatsu: Great. Is this independent of CIP?09:41
patersoncpave1: This is possible.09:41
patersoncwagi started on this.09:42
patersoncCyclic test is one example, this is one of the tests that the RT project uses.09:42
iwamatsupatersonc: Yes,09:42
iwamatsuIt is now independent. However, I am planning to connect to CIP lava network.09:42
pave1patersonc: Do you have pointer to wagi's git trees? I believe it was mentioned before, but I can't find the link.09:42
pave1Thank you!09:44
szlinpave1: I've maintained RT test tool for Daniel09:45
pave1patersonc: Would it be possible to get that running on -cipX-rt on some board you care about?09:46
patersoncI'll have a go09:48
pave1szlin: Ok, I'll take a look, but I'm not sure I have suitable hardware for testing.09:49
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