IRC logs for #cip for Tuesday, 2019-04-30

szlinlaurence-: you can raise the topic during the meeting.02:00
szlinlaurence-: I'm not sure the type of topic, but at least we have AOB topic.02:01
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laurence-szlin, sadly I am on holiday during the meeting on 16 May - unfortunate timing. perhaps I shall email Yoshi with you on CC ?07:37
laurence-I meant to say: 14 May, not 16 May07:38
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szlinlaurence-: there is an alternative way, you can edit shared google document beforehand. The link of document will be sent by Yoshi before the meeting.09:25
laurence-szlin, excellent, thank you very much!09:27
szlinlaurence-: any time :-)09:31
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