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szlinkazu_: hi bro!!08:59
kazu_Hi, SZ08:59
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szlin#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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szlin#topic rollcall09:00
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szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
szlin#topic AI review09:01
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szlinAction items:09:01
szlin1. Iwamatsu-san will re-upload the 4.4.176-cip3109:01
szlin-> Done09:01
szlin2. The proposal of CIP identifiers in patch submissions will send to cip-dev – Chris09:01
szlin-> Done09:01
szlin3. Ask for the permission in patchwork - szlin09:01
szlin-> Done (Thanks to Chris!)09:01
szlin4. Discuss the naming of deby in TSC - Daniel Sangorrin09:01
szlinkazu_: ^ any comments?09:01
szlinkazu_: are you around ?09:02
kazu_As i mentioned in TSC meeting, I need to confirm if we can use cipv1 cipv2... naming or not09:02
kazu_it would be better to keep discussion in cip-dev09:03
szlinkazu_: may I ask who will make the decision?09:03
kazu_I'm not sure09:04
kazu_It might be decided in cip-core wg, then approved in TSC meeting09:05
szlinkazu_: okay, so you will send the email to cip-dev for further discussion09:05
toscalixTSC is to steer, not the default decision forum for group related decisions09:05
toscalixin my view09:06
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szlintoscalix: yap, in my opinion. each group needs to make a decision itself09:07
toscalixyes, we communicate them and then if the TSC have a problem.... we take them back to revisit them.09:07
szlintoscalix: agree09:08
toscalixcip-dev should be our default forum to reacj consensus, assuming the maintainer role, which has a higher responsibility09:08
kazu_OK thanks, so this should be decided in cip-core WG09:08
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szlinpavelm2: welcome!09:09
szlin#action Send discussion of deby naming to cip-dev - Kazu09:09
szlin5. Daniel has to upload to the wiki the SW updates tool comparison document09:10
szlinkazu_: since Daniel is not here, do you have any update on it?09:10
pavelm2It looks like my irc client was connecting me to wrong server, sorry for the delay.09:10
kazu_sorry, i don't know any status update about it09:10
szlinpavelm2: it's no big deal. thanks for joining09:11
szlinkazu_: got it, thanks. I will ask him for the update09:11
szlin#action Send email to Daniel for SW update update - szlin09:12
szlin6. The review results from Pavel will be confirmed - Iwamatsu-san09:12
szliniwamatsu__: ^ do you have any comments?09:12
szliniwamatsu__: are you around?09:13
iwamatsu__szlin: i dont have any comment. I am reviwing Pavel's comment.09:14
pavelm2Ok, so let me comment...09:14
pavelm2Reviewing -stable patches is a lot of fun. Unfortunately -stable kernel does not really follow stable kernel rules.09:15
szliniwamatsu__: thanks, I will keep this AI.09:15
pavelm2If you have git tree nearby, run "git show 493107105843".09:16
szlinpavelm2: please hold on a second :p09:16
pavelm2Ok :-).09:16
szlin#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:16
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel maintenance updates (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:16
iwamatsu__yes, we need to join stable patch review in stable ML.09:16
szlinIwamatsu announced the 4.4.176-cip31 stable release09:16
szlinDaniel announced the 4.4.176-cip31-rt23 stable release09:16
szlinpavelm2: ok, please go ahead :)09:16
pavelm2Ok, so...09:16
pavelm2Some patches follow the rules and are simple bugfixes.09:17
pavelm2Those are marked "ACK: pavel".09:17
pavelm2Some may be good idea, but strictly speaking do not follow the rules.09:18
pavelm2Example is 493107105843.09:18
bwhRight. The large one you pointed to is part of a security fix.09:18
szlinpavelm2: uhh, #493107105843 changed lots of data structure..09:18
pavelm2It has more than thousand lines of diff... and basically can't be reviewed.09:18
pavelm2It is also spread over multiple commits.09:18
bwhAnd, thankfully there are test cases I could run.09:18
pavelm2Yep, testing is good.09:19
pavelm2Question is if we could at least get tagging "this does not follow usual rules" and hopefully explanation _why_ this is good idea.09:19
pavelm2Because we get original changelog from mainline, but no explanation why it should go to stable.09:20
bwhYes, that seems like a good idea09:20
pavelm2It is not needed for simple one-liners, but it would really help for patches as complex as this :-).09:21
bwhThe cip-kernel-sec repository can tell you which fixes relate to CVE IDs09:21
bwh(if the commit message doesn't)09:21
pavelm2I'll have to take a look at that.09:22
szlinpavelm2: agree, the rule could be broken but it needs the reason09:22
szlinany comments?09:23
pavelm2szlin: Yes, and it would be good to have the reason in some central place.09:23
szlinpavelm2: yes!09:24
szlin#topic Kernel testing09:24
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel testing (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:24
patersoncI have a question about Kernel configs.09:24
patersonc(sorry for delay)09:24
brloggerRemoving item from minutes: #topic Kernel testing09:24
patersoncHopefully we'll submit a renesas_defconfig for arm64 this week.09:25
bwhUpstream, or just for CIP?09:25
patersoncDo you want it as a patch for the cip v4.19 Kernel? Or just a PR for the config GitLab repo?09:25
patersoncJust CIP09:25
patersoncUpstream only allows the 'global' defconfig for arm6409:26
bwhIf I'm going to handle it, either a PR for the config repo or a bare file09:26
patersoncOkay. Thanks bwh09:26
patersoncAnother topic - szlin do you plan to allocate patch reviews on cip-dev patchwork?09:27
szlinyes, when I get the permission...09:27
patersoncYou should have it now?09:28
patersoncYou're listed as a moderator09:28
szlinpatersonc: ha, yes I can do it.09:28
szlinpatersonc: It seems like the permission was granted today :D09:28
szlinpatersonc: please go ahead with kernel testing09:29
toscalixmeeting driven development09:29
iwamatsu__szlin: Do you assign patch to reviewers? right?09:29
szliniwamatsu__: yap, I will discuss the mechanism with you and pavel after the meeting09:30
patersoncThank you szlin09:31
iwamatsu__szlin: ok, thanks.09:31
szlinpatersonc: any updates on kernel testing?09:32
patersoncNot really since the TSC.09:32
szlinany comments?09:32
patersoncOther than I'd like to encourage some more labs to be set up09:32
szlinpatersonc: thanks!09:33
szlin#topic CIP Core09:33
*** brlogger changes topic to "CIP Core (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:33
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szlinkazu_: do you have any updates?09:33
szlinany comments?09:34
kazu_There are several miner updates, but no big one09:34
szlinkazu_: could you list the updates here?09:34
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kazu_regarding build systems09:35
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kazu_deby: support generating minimal rootfs for RPi3 and BBB09:36
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kazu_EID: add support of building CIP kernel (and other non-Debian sources)09:36
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kazu_Regarding package lists to be supported by CIP, I need to keep discussion in the ML09:37
patersonckazu_: Is there a plan to support other/all CIP reference platforms?09:38
kazu_platforms mean the board lists supported by CIP?09:39
kazu_if so, Yes of course09:39
szlinany comments?09:40
szlin#topic Software update09:40
*** brlogger changes topic to "Software update (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:40
kazu_now we are only using BBB for the first PoC, but in future other platforms also should be suported09:40
szlinkazu_: thanks!09:40
kazu_Sorry for the interrupt, please go ahead09:41
szlinkazu_: any updates for software update?09:41
kazu_I don't have other updates than the reports from Suzuki-san in the last TSC meeting09:41
szlinI will discuss with Stefano with license issue in swupdate.09:41
szlinI plan to upload swupdate after license clarification09:42
szlinany comments?09:42
szlin#topic AOB09:42
*** brlogger changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:42
szlinany other business?09:43
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brloggerMinutes (text):
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szlinthank you all09:43
bwhThank you szlin09:43
pavelm2If possible, I'd like to talk with bwh...09:43
bwhpavelm2: OK09:44
pavelm2...and I should get access to cip-dev I guess :-).09:44
bwhThat's an open list09:44
iwamatsu__thank you, szlin09:44
kazu_thank you szlin09:45
pavelm2I tried to subscribe to cip-dev, but did not get an email from it so far.09:45
toyookaThank you szlin09:45
bwhOh, huh09:45
pavelm2Thank you, szlin.09:45
iwamatsu__pavelm2: hmm, I can ask to admin of ML about this.09:46
pavelm2iwamatsu: Thanks.09:46
pavelm2It is only hour or so, but email is usually faster than that.09:46
pavelm2bwh: If possible, it would be nice to have "upstream commit id" in stable patches in header.09:47
bwhYes it should only take a minute or so. (But maybe your server is greylisting?)09:47
pavelm2Something like "Upstream: <sha>".09:47
pavelm2Plus, it would be nice to collect acks and tested-bys for stable.09:47
bwhpavelm2: That might be better than the three different formats and their minor variants...09:48
pavelm2There are patches I acked for mainline, but attempted to Nak for stable... but that's impossible to tell from the commit messages.09:48
pavelm2Graylisting ... no idea really, it is a company server. I guess I could subscribe with personal address if everything else fails.09:49
bwhI think Greg would happily add explicit Acked-by and Tested-bys, but they aren't often sent09:49
pavelm2bwh: I'm reviewing stable kernels anyway, so I'm willing to send Acked-by's if someone collects them :-).09:50
pavelm2bwh: One example is 493107105843 . Its way too complex, so presumably _someone_ tested it in stable, but changelog does not tell us to that.09:52
pavelm2szlin: You wanted to speak about patchwork?09:53
bwhpavelm2: OK, I will try to remember to include a Tested-by in any further backports I do and am able to test09:54
pavelm2bwh: Thanks :-).09:55
szlinpavelm2: oh yes, but I'm leaving for a while09:56
szlinpavelm2: would you hang on in IRC?09:57
bwhpavelm2: Is that all you wanted to talk about with me?09:57
pavelm2bwh: One possibility would be... Anything in the log before Upstream is for mainline, anything after that is for stable.09:57
pavelm2bwh: Yes, thanks.09:57
iwamatsu__pavelm2: admin said: ML of cip-dev does not support mail addees containing '+'.09:57
bwhpavelm2: Yes, that would work nicely. OK, bye for now09:57
pavelm2iwamatsu: But I did not try to use "+" this time.09:57
pavelm2bwh: Bye!09:57
pavelm2szlin: Yes, tell me how long I should be around.09:58
iwamatsu__pavelm2: I see. admin can add you to by hand. could you tell me email address you want to add ?10:00
pavelm2iwamatsu: would be great.10:00
iwamatsu__pavelm2: OK, admin just add you to cip-dev ML.10:01
pavelm2iwamatsu: Thank you!10:02
iwamatsu__pavelm2: you are welcome10:03
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