IRC logs for #cip for Wednesday, 2019-03-27

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patersonciwamatsu_: Ping07:40
patersoncAny reason why the -cip31 tag is dated 2018-03-20?07:41
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wagipatersonc: It looks like the v4.4-(cip)-rt update will need a bit more attention due to merge conflicts in the mutex code. hairy stuff08:23
wagialso need to check missing patches as well08:23
wagiso much to do08:24
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patersoncOne question for everyone - cip-dev is used for a lot of different target project patch submissions (cip-4.4, cip-4.19, cip-core etc.). Should we have a way to identify target repos in each patch?08:51
patersoncAlso, who is in charge of assigning tickets in patchwork?08:51
wagiI think having some sort of tag in the [] would help, as it is done on the stable or -rt mailing list09:27
wagie.g. [PATCH RT]09:28
wagior [PATCH 4.4] for stable09:28
szlinwagi: do you mean [PATCH 4.4.y], [PATCH 4.19.y] etc?09:29
wagiin the cip context, I'd say adding the CIP is also a good idea: [PATCH CIP 4.4]09:29
wagior something like this09:30
wagidon't think we need a formal rule but some indication to which tree the patch belongs09:30
wagiwould help a lot09:30
wagialso avoid confusions with other mailing list if the patch is CC'd09:30
patersoncwagi: In case I miss the meeting tomorrow can you bring this up?09:31
wagipatersonc: ahm, I propaply miss it out too. Always have a telco at the same time :(09:31
szlinno worry, I will take it.09:31
wagiexcellent. thanks!09:31
wagiwe had this problem with the rt mailing list and just added the 'rule', add RT as tag to avoid confusions. works nice09:32
toscalix_patersonc: I would send a question to the cip-dev LM about it so people think on a solution to discuss at the meeting. I think that we will all agree on the current issue to solve09:56
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