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patersoncMornin all09:00
szlin#roll call09:00
szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
szlin#topic kernel maintenance updates09:00
szlinTBD: wiki page edit09:00
szlinlet's update the wiki page together09:01
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szlinI will pinged Iwamatsu-san to update the status of new kernel09:02
szlinbwh: do you have any updates?09:02
bwhStill working through security fix backports. I sent a few more to Greg.09:03
szlinbwh: thanks09:04
szlinany other points?09:04
szlinI will update the wiki since the URL of cip-kernel-sec was moved09:05
szlin#topic kernel testing09:06
patersoncWe now have email notifications working with the CIP LAVA master. We will add support for healthchecks to email cip-testing-results each day.09:06
patersoncTODO: Start adding testing related content to wiki pages09:06
patersoncIf anyone has any testing requirements, please let me know.09:07
patersoncAlso let me know if you want access to the CIP LAVA master09:07
szlinpatersonc: thanks for the update.09:08
szlinpatersonc: One question, would you have the plan to update the version of LAVA regularly?09:09
patersoncWe plan to keep in sync with what KernelCI uses09:09
toscalixpatersonc: are you admin of the cip-testing list?09:09
patersoncBut no set schedule for updates at this time.09:10
patersonctoscalix: The mailing list? No09:10
toscalixTODO: make patersonc admin of the list09:10
szlinpatersonc: do you know how to apply?09:11
szlinpatersonc: ok, let's ask LF after meeting09:12
szlin#action make patersonc admin of the list09:12
szlin #action make patersonc admin of cip-testing mailing list09:13
szlinany other points?09:13
szlin#topic Software update09:13
szlinI've made survey of software update mechanism09:14
szlinI would like to share it afterwards.09:14
szlinany other points?09:14
szlin#topic CIP Core09:15
szlin#topic AOB09:15
szlinany other business?09:15
szlinthank you all09:16
patersoncThanks SZ09:16
szlinpatersonc: it seems like we don't have cip-testing mailing list -
szlinpatersonc: but we have cip-testing-results -
toscalixpatersonc: sent you credentials through irc (private)09:25
patersoncszlin: That's correct.09:27
patersonctoscalix: Thank you09:27
patersoncszlin: AI complete.09:28
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szlintoscalix: thank you.09:43
szlinpatersonc: noted :D09:43
toscalixI keep using the journal:
toscalixbut I am unsure is worth it if I am the only one09:52
toscalixI still find it is a great way to keep track of extensive work done by several people that are remote09:52
toscalixif you put an hour here and there.... keeping a journal helps a lot to be informed about what others do09:53
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patersoncGood point toscalix. Thank you for the reminder10:21
patersoncmungaip, we should try and update the journal as Agustin has suggested. Can you add an entry for yesterday?10:21
toscalixwe all need to report to CIP and internally so it works for that too10:22
toscalixI am bias though, I am a big fan of journals when teams are remote and/or they are multitasking10:23
szlintoscalix: Fair enough. keep in mind.10:25
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mungaip[m]patersonc: the journal is updated to include yesterday's work11:48
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ironfoot#topic Topic117:18
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