IRC logs for #cip for Tuesday, 2019-01-08

szlinwagi: ping05:33
szlinwagi: Do you have the schedule for v4.4.166-cip29-rt21 release?05:34
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wagiszlin: Hi good afternoon. Oh, we have a new cip kernel?09:18
wagiI have to do a v4.4-rt release as well09:18
wagiI'll try do it this Friday09:18
* wagi is booting his brain09:19
szlinwagi: thanks :D09:24
patersoncwagi: I believe there will also be a v4.19-cip release this week. Any plans for an RT version?09:56
wagipatersonc: I planned to work on this beginning of January. Though i got sliglthly side tracked with getting jitterdebugger in shape and setting up lava testing (starts slowly to work).09:59
wagiand right now I am drowned again in my internal work10:01
patersoncThanks wagi. I understand!10:21
helmutwould I find people working on cip for toshiba in here?15:06
patersoncAlthough I think they are all offline :)15:17
* wagi hands a line to patersonc 15:17
helmutheh. Kazuhiro promised to send some patches in july and then I found around december and nothing else.15:18
* patersonc shurgs15:19
toscalixthe word promise and bug fixes are incompatible :-)15:21
helmutso if you encounter toshiba people, I'm happy to be highlighted.15:22
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