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szlin#roll call09:00
szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
szlin._./ hi09:00
szlin#topic kernel maintenance updates09:00
szlinThere is a permission broken issue when using docker with overlayfs, I will send the below patch to stable-4.409:01
szlinBen announced Linux kernel CVE tracker09:01
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szlinbwh: do you have any updates?09:01
bwhNo I don't09:02
szliniwamatsu: do you have any updates?09:02
bwhOh, except that I got some security fixes into 4.4.16809:02
iwamatsuszlin: I released 4.4.y kernel.09:03
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szlinbwh: IIRC, Greg accepted it.09:03
szliniwamatsu: do you have any comments with this release?09:04
iwamatsuszlin: No, I dont have.09:04
iwamatsufor 4.4.168?09:05
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szliniwamatsu: yes09:05
iwamatsuI do not check that version yet. Therefore I have no comment.09:06
szliniwamatsu: I am curious that do we need linux-4.19.y-cip-rebase branch?09:06
iwamatsuok, I will push after this meeting.09:06
szliniwamatsu: thanks.09:06
szlinany other points?09:06
szlinwagi: are you around?09:07
szlin#topic kernel testing09:08
patersoncHealthchecks continue:
patersoncWe haven't moved the lab to it's new home yet. It'll probably have to wait until Jan now. I'll keep the ML informed09:09
patersoncNot much else from my side, sorry.09:09
sangorrinTODO: I have to setup my lab as well (too busy)09:09
szlinpatersonc: thank you!09:09
patersoncsangorrin: Always :)09:09
szlinTODO: we are hiring for kernel testing09:10
szlinwe = my company09:10
szlinany other points?09:11
szlin#topic CIP Core09:11
sangorrinI fixed some problems with the SDK, it should be working now.09:12
sangorrinTODO: create report from the survey09:12
sangorrinTODO: create tiny profile list of packages09:13
sangorrinsorry, nothing else09:13
szlinsangorrin: thanks for the updates.09:14
szlinany other points?09:14
szlin#topic Software update09:14
sangorrinI am designing the architecture, but recently this was released09:15
sangorrinI want to investigate mbed Linux OS architecture well, maybe we can join efforts there09:15
sangorrinI find it interesting that they use runC for running applications in isolation09:16
sangorrinand I also like the fact that you can discover and manage the devices..09:16
sangorrinnothing else from my side09:17
sangorrinTODO: create report from survey09:17
sangorrinTODO: create architecture draft09:17
szlinsangorrin: mbed is designed for Arm devices, but I assumed the mechanism should be fine with x8609:18
sangorrinyes, I suppose it is not dependent on the architecture09:19
szlinsangorrin: thanks.09:19
szlinany other points?09:19
szlin#topic AOB09:19
szlinany other business?09:19
szlinthank you all09:21
bwhthanks szlin09:21
patersoncThanks szlin09:21
sangorrinthank you szlin09:21
patersoncI won't be around next week - Christmas hols in UK09:21
iwamatsuthanks szlin09:21
patersoncSee you all in the new year!09:21
szlinpatersonc: as I mentioned, we're our steps for creating lab in our company is slow now.09:22
patersoncszlin: Okay. Let me know if you need any help when you do get around to it.09:22
szlinpatersonc: thank you!09:22
iwamatsupatersonc: I created a draft for announcement on the new kernel release.09:23
szlinpatersonc: we don't have Christmas hols here, I envy you :D09:23
patersonciwamatsu: Great. I forgot about that! Thanks you.09:24
patersoncszlin: You have a big new year though right?09:24
iwamatsuWould you please review if I send it to you?09:24
patersonciwamatsu: Sure! Thank you09:24
patersoncPlease CC Katayama-san as well09:25
iwamatsupatersonc: OK, I will send09:25
iwamatsuand thank you.09:25
szliniwamatsu: how about sending to mailing list for discussion?09:25
patersoncI was going to suggest that as a next step :)09:26
szlinpatersonc: do you mean Chinese new year?09:26
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szlinpatersonc: Fair enough09:26
iwamatsuFirst of all, I have patersonc review it easily. I will post it to ML after that. Is this OK?09:28
szliniwamatsu: Fair enough, thanks.09:29
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wagiszlin: somewhat. also in the conf call :(09:41
wagiszlin: I discussed the plans with Jan K. about -rt for 4.19-cip. I'll start working on this, so that we will have a -rt version for the upcoming 4.19-cip kernel soonnish09:42
szlinwagi: you got me09:43
szlinwagi: that's the question I want to ask :D09:43
wagiI somehow expected it. I don't expect a real problem but let's see09:43
wagi4.19-rt is still in the stabiization phase09:44
wagiso there might be some shake outs09:44
wagibut this is some which can be address upstream directly09:44
szlinwagi: thanks, do you have release schedule?09:45
wagi(English is hard, especially after the x-mas party)09:45
patersoncStill easier than German ;)09:45
wagiszlin: I start working tomorrow and I expect to have something beginning of January09:45
wagipatersonc: bah :)09:46
szlinwagi: awesome!09:46
wagiIt is mostly testing and make sure I dind't screw up the merging of the -rt patches09:48
wagibtw, I started to setup also my local lava instance09:48
wagiand I got access to patersonc setup, so I can make use of a bunch of test boards09:49
wagiI plan to work on some test cases too, so that we can integrage them into lava tests09:50
wagiThat should make poeple happy, I supoose09:51
wagiThe Linutronix test farm is working again:
wagiI worked with Linutronix's engineers together to get back to working09:53
szlinwagi: do you plan to add some test tools/ cases for -rt?09:53
wagibtw, the link is for the 4.4-rt not cip09:53
wagiszlin: my main goal is to get a baseline of reasonable testing expressed in scripts09:54
wagicurrently many tests are done by hand or encoded into some shell scripts which are living one many github accounts09:55
wagiMy pplan is to consilidate the tests and have them in lava and get them used by other -rtmaintainers09:56
wagiI've already done a similiar thing with the scripting around maintaining a release09:56
wagiWe have now a python script for maintaining -rt releases (supports also cip-rt)09:57
wagiwhich is used by all -rt maintaienrs09:57
wagimeanwhile I also working on a reimplemtation of cyclictest09:58
wagicalled jitterdebugger09:58
wagicyclictest is kind of hard to fix :)09:59
szlinwagi: ah, Despicable Me.09:59
wagiszlin: :D09:59
szlinwagi: How about rt-tests test suite?
wagiThe -rt stable maintainers have agreed to improve the tests in rt-tests10:01
wagijitterdebugger is supposed to replace cyclictest10:01
wagior at least this is my plan10:01
wagiThe main problem with cyclictest, it is hard to use10:02
wagijitterdebugger should give you correct results withouth a lot of command line options10:02
wagifurthermore, we (Wolfgang Mauerer) is planing to do some time series analysis10:03
wagiSo not just historgrams10:03
wagiThat is a great step forward regarding getting a better confidence on the -rt performance10:04
wagiWell, I need to defer to Wolfgang here. He is the real stastic pro10:04
szlinwagi: do you have release schedule for version 1.0?10:07
wagijust a sec10:07
wagiback, phone call irq10:21
wagiszlin: so far no schedule. I am workong on this topic only in my idle time10:21
wagiworking (!!)10:22
wagithe good thing is that I have a couple of contributors for jitterdebugger10:22
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