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szlin#roll call09:00
szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
szlin._./ hi09:00
szlin#topic AI review09:01
szlinAI - Confirm the specified release date for 4.19-CIP release. (During or after the Embedded World? 28th Feb.)09:01
szlinWe got this AI during TSC meeting.09:01
patersonciwamatsu sent an email earlier09:02
szliniwamatsu: would you like to share your opinion?09:02
patersonc"I am thinking about this on January 10th or 11th."09:02
szlinpatersonc: thanks for reminder09:03
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szlinany comments?09:03
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iwamatsupatersonc: thanks for follow-up.09:05
szlin#agreed The release date of 4.19-CIP will be January 10th or 11th.09:05
szlin#topic kernel maintenance updates09:05
szlinNone for me this week.09:06
szliniwamatsu: do you have any updates?09:06
bwhI'm working on security backports for 4.409:07
iwamatsuszlin: No, I am testing 4.4...09:08
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iwamatsubwh: cool, what kind of security ?09:08
szlinbwh: Could you please provide me the details?09:08
bwhI mean, fixing security vulnerabilities09:09
iwamatsuI see.09:09
szlinbwh: do you need any collaboration with us?09:10
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bwhszlin: I'm not sure. I was planning to send them to the stable list09:11
szliniwamatsu: which kind of testing do you take?09:11
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szlinbwh: I see, so the security patches were in mainline already09:12
bwhszlin: yes09:13
iwamatsuszlin: compile, boot, and ltp on Qemu and RZ board. If you have any tool or documents, please let me know.09:13
szlinbwh: would you mind to share method for digging security patches? e.g., grep "CVE" pattern09:14
bwhszlin: I pull data from Debian and Ubuntu's CVE trackers09:15
iwamatsu ?09:16
szliniwamatsu: That means the arch. of x86/64 and armhf are being tested09:16
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szlinbwh: thanks.09:17
szlinbwh: I'm thinking how to collaborate with security backports, do you have any suggestions?09:18
bwhszlin: They should be suitable for stable, so they can go through the regular stable process09:19
szliniwamatsu: thanks for sharing.09:19
szlinbwh: thanks, I will check them afterwards09:20
szlinany other points?09:20
szlinsangorrin: (wave09:20
sangorrinHi sorry for the delay09:20
szlin#topic kernel testing09:20
patersoncHealthcheck tests continue09:21
patersoncWe've created instructions for setting up your own LAVA lab09:21
szlinpatersonc: wow!09:21
patersoncCurrently trying to get email notifications working09:22
patersoncThank mungaip !09:22
patersoncNot much else from me this week.09:22
sangorrinmungaip: thanks! ;)09:22
patersoncActually, we need to take the lab down for a few hours09:23
patersoncMaybe next Monday. Would this be okay?09:23
patersoncWe're moving the lab.09:23
szlinpatersonc: could you provide the specified time?09:23
patersoncI'll try and give notice on cip-dev09:23
szlinpatersonc: thanks!09:23
patersoncszlin: I will do, yes09:23
* patersonc puts down mic09:24
szlinany other points?09:24
szlin#topic CIP Core workgroup09:24
sangorrinmungaip found issues with the sdk09:25
sangorrinI solved 2 of them09:25
sangorrinbut now i have one more to solve09:25
sangorrin packagegroup-core-standalone-sdk-target : Depends: nativesdk-u-boot-mkimage but it is not installable                                            Recommends: libssp                                            Recommends: libssp-dev but it is not going to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.09:25
sangorrinsomething like that09:25
sangorrinapart from that, I have no updates09:26
szlinsangorrin: thanks.09:26
szlinany other points?09:26
szlin#topic Software update workgroup09:26
sangorrinno updates09:26
sangorrinwell just one09:26
sangorrinI am thinking about using A/B architecture together with ostree binary diffs09:27
sangorrinI have to look into what AGL did with meta-updater09:27
sangorrinthat's it for now09:27
patersoncsangorrin: I'll fill in your survey now. Sorry for the delay.09:28
sangorrinthanks, also tell me about your build tool09:28
szlinsangorrin: Endless OS is using ostree, it is one of Debian derivatives09:29
sangorrinoh sorry, I meant that for szlin09:29
sangorrinyes, thanks for the reminder. You told me last time.09:30
sangorrinDebos also supports it.. but I want to add support to meta-debian v209:30
szlinsangorrin: :D09:30
szlinany other points?09:31
szlin#topic AOB09:31
szlinany other business?09:31
patersoncBlog post to announce the new CIP Kernel09:32
patersoncShould we time one for the first release e/Jan?09:32
patersoncearly jan09:32
patersoncAre there any other topics to include in this blog post?09:33
patersonce.g. Formation of the various working groups?09:33
szlinpatersonc: hmmmmmm...I think we can check in this topic to next TSC meeting?09:34
szlinany comments?09:35
iwamatsupatersonc: I think that posting to a blog is a good idea.09:35
iwamatsuif we need to write a senence, I can help.09:36
patersoncszlin: I think it was basically agreed this week that the Kernel team should do a blog post09:36
patersonciwamatsu: Thank you09:36
szlinpatersonc: yes, it is.09:37
szlinany other points?09:37
patersonciwamatsu: Are you okay to start the first draft of the blog post?09:37
iwamatsupatersonc: yes09:38
iwamatsuI will write first draft next IRC meeting.09:39
szliniwamatsu: thanks, just a reminder- Mae could assist us with this matter09:40
iwamatsuszlin: OK09:40
szlinthank you all.09:40
iwamatsuthank you09:40
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patersoncsangorrin: Just completed survey.09:44
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