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wagiI try to attend the meeting, though I am parallel in a conf call (as always)08:55
wagiSo expect non determistic behavior08:55
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szlin#roll call09:00
szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
szlinhi ._./09:00
szlin#topic kernel maintenance updates09:01
szlin=== 4.4.157 reviewing ===09:01
szlinACK: b3179842575a ("net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: fix mdio device reference leak")09:01
szlinTBB: 3fa88c51c73a ("drivers: net: cpsw: fix wrong regs access in cpsw_ndo_open")09:01
szlinTBB: ae092b5bded2 ("drivers: net: cpsw: don't ignore phy-mode if phy-handle is used")09:01
szlinBen sent updated information for previous discussion09:01
szliniwamatsu: do you have any update?09:02
patersonciwamatsu: Are you also reviewing the LTS releases? What is your schedule for merging them into the CIP Kernel?09:03
iwamatsuszlin: No, i dont have any update.09:03
szliniwamatsu: thank you.09:03
szlinwagi: (wave09:04
iwamatsupartersonc: I have not decided on this yet.09:05
iwamatsuI will post to ML next week.09:05
patersoncThank you09:05
szlinwagi: do you have any update?09:05
wagiszlin: yes on the cacheline starvation problem09:06
wagiwe have now a fix in v4.4 via the stable tree09:06
wagibasically dropping to ticket spinlocks09:06
wagimainline has a fix for qspinlock09:07
wagifor x86_6409:07
wagifor arm64 the problem is not yet fully debugged09:07
szlinhow about armhf?09:07
wagimy last input is a bit older a couple weeks09:07
wagi32 bit seems not to a problem09:08
szlinwagi: do you have the link for reference?09:09
wagithough I haven't tested it on a smp system (don't have one to test on right now)09:09
szlinwagi: thanks!09:10
patersoncwagi: You could use the LAVA lab :)09:10
szlinany other points?09:11
szlin#topic kernel testing09:12
patersoncrajm has added a new B@D snapshot to the wiki09:12
rajmhi, regular health checks on BBB and iwg20m still being run09:12
rajmyes  - and the wiki has been updated with links09:12
patersoncThis is the latest version and includes a LAVA upgrade and support for the iwg20m platform09:12
rajmI've closed the associated #204 issue09:13
patersoncThe Renesas LAVA lab now has a new board - iwg22m.09:13
rajmI don't think the kernelci issue will be solved before I retire - but I think it's upstream09:13
sangorrinpatersonc: are the devices available 24h?09:14
patersoncsangorrin: Yep09:14
rajmthe kernelci issue is #203 on the cip issues09:14
patersoncAnd soon the lab will be in a big fancy rack. The room is just being constructed :)09:15
patersoncsangorrin: Can you send me your PGP key so I can send your LAVA password?09:15
sangorrinI already did09:15
patersoncoh, when?09:15
patersoncAh, this morning!09:15
patersoncI'll get you access asap :)09:16
szlinpatersonc: oops, I think PGP key should be exchanged in person.09:16
sangorrinabout 7 hours ago09:16
patersoncPublic key should be fine?09:16
sangorrinthe fingerprint needs to09:16
sangorrinthe public key is public09:17
szlinpatersonc: you cannot make sure who owns that public key09:17
patersoncGood point. We'll sort it :)09:17
sangorrinpatersonc: we can exchange the fingerprint on the phone09:18
sangorrinand then validate the public key by checking if the fingerprint is correct09:18
patersoncI'm done with my updates.09:18
rajmme too!09:19
szlinany other points?09:19
szlinlet me add one action item in previous topic09:19
szlin#action iwamatsu will send the merging schedule of CIP kernel to ML (cip-dev) next week09:19
szlin#topic CIP Core09:19
sangorrinsomebody put an issue!09:20
wagipatersonc: I tried to setup kernelci and lava... much fun09:20
szlinDaniel had sent out the email, please read it and reply him. Due date (12/10)09:20
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sangorrinpatersonc: thanks for the notice ;)09:20
sangorrinI have tested all cip-core image builds (bbb, renesas, qemu) and they work fine with the latest kernel and debian source09:21
patersoncDoes anyone know who MaPe is? (the person who raised the CIP Core issue)09:21
szlinsangorrin: which architecture did you choose in qemu?09:22
szlinsangorrin: thanks, so cip-core works well in armhf & x86-64.09:23
sangorrinnext, I want to start uploading the images to S309:24
sangorrinso that we can use them in LAVA09:24
szlinsangorrin: do we have plan to test with arm64?09:24
patersoncsangorrin: Great09:25
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sangorrin_sorry, i got disconnected09:26
szlinsangorrin_: do we have plan to test with arm64?09:26
sangorrin_arm64: yes for the cip-core v209:27
szlinsangorrin_: got it, thanks.09:27
sangorrin_it will be on Renesas board I guess09:27
szlinany other points?09:27
szlin#topic Software update09:28
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sangorrin_we have one answer so far09:28
sangorrin_I have extended the deadline to the next TSC09:28
sangorrin_I mean one member answered the survey09:29
sangorrin_that's all for now09:29
szlinsangorrin_: thanks for the update.09:29
szlinany other points?09:29
szlin#topic AOB09:30
patersoncwagi: Do you want an account for the CIP LAVA instance? So you can submit test jobs?09:30
szlinI've pushed the tzdiff package into Debian archive, this tool was made by CIP member - minmin-san.09:31
szlinIt shows Timezone differences with local time in command-line interface09:31
wagipatersonc: Yes, that would be good thing to have09:32
sangorrin_oh cool09:32
patersoncmungaip is halfway through drafting a wiki page to help others set up their own lab if the want/need to.09:33
sangorrin_patersonc: great09:33
patersoncwagi: Can you see my IRC PM?09:33
patersoncWho is currently planning to set up their own lab? (to connect to the CIP LAVA master)09:34
szlin._. / (in the near future09:34
sangorrin_I want to09:35
wagipatersonc: nope09:35
sangorrin_wagi: we can setup tests for RT for you09:36
patersoncwagi:I've emailed instead :)09:36
wagipatersonc: thanks09:36
wagisangorrin_: :D09:37
szlinany other points?09:37
szlin#action CIP members fill out the SW Updates requirements survey before 12/10.09:37
szlinthank you all09:38
sangorrin_thank you09:38
rajmthanks szlin09:38
patersoncrajm: Last day tomorrow? Or today?09:38
rajmpatersonc: tomorrow - I'm not really here today ;-)09:39
patersoncrajm: :)09:40
szlinrajm: T_T09:41
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