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* rajm has run a BBB heath check - email to list09:51
rajmand runs the iwg20m health check - email to list09:58
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toscalixpatersonc: I can access today to the S3 bucket. Let's see if Robert can too11:58
toscalixcouple of weeks ago I couldn't nor a month ago...11:58
toscalixrajm either11:58
toscalixlet me create a user for you12:01
toscalixthere are files from daniel S. from Dec 201712:02
toscalixah, there are key expired12:04
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toscalixrajm: I am in the S3 bucket. Not sure why. It seems our user key has expired. It might be an automatic expiration due to inactivity or a default expiration set up for our accounts12:08
toscalixnot sure12:08
rajmI'm still getting 'An AWS account with that sign-in information does not exist. Try again or create a new account.' I think I was using *my* codethink email to access12:09
toscalixI am creating a new user for Chris and then I will go with your expiration. Can you try again anyway?12:09
toscalixyou were12:09
patersonctoscalix: Thanks!12:09
patersonctoscalix: Can you create an account for Patryk too?12:09
toscalixtoday I used the account and it didn't work12:09
toscalixI used the ID and the default password, instead of mine, and it worked12:09
rajmI'll look up after lunch12:11
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toscalixok, so patersonc is now admin too12:19
toscalixnext step... checking the expiration of rajm account12:19
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toscalixrajm: try to access, please. It should ask you to set up a new password12:22
patersonctoscalix: How much would it break things to change the ciptesting folder to cip-testing? Just wiki links?12:27
toscalixmore: release announcement12:27
toscalixyou can create the cip-testing forlder12:28
toscalixand use it from now on12:28
toscalixinstead of renaming12:28
toscalixyou can add in the current one that it should not be used anymore12:28
toscalixin the description12:28
toscalixrajm: could access to after resetting the credentials13:06
toscalixto the S3 bucket13:06
rajmyes I'm just uploading the box as of 5th oct - not the latest because of the kernelci issue13:07
toscalixreminder, you can follow our activity in the journal13:07
rajmI'll do an update later on today's activity!13:07
rajmand I don't yet have the sig or sha256 file13:11
rajmcreating them shortly13:11
rajmnearly 30% uploaded - I'd forgotten how slow this process was!13:22
rajmand I've put the box in ciptesting/b@d/b@d_latest (but still uploading)13:55
rajmupload complete
rajmreplace suffix with sha256sum and .sig for the sha256 and gpg files14:22
rajmOops - I could have uploaded the Nov box as the kernelci problem was after Nov 8th! grrrr!14:32
rajmthough there are no changes in the actual code between the two14:34
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toscalixrajm: please remember to test the box you uploaded too15:22
toscalixin case it got corrupted during the process15:22
rajmok I'll download and boot it15:23
toscalixyes please, thanks15:25
toscalixIt would be very nice if somebody from renesas would also test it early next week, in case there is an issue, you still have time to fix it15:26
toscalixpatersonc: ^15:26
* rajm looks at the current box download speed and thinks it won't complete today :( :( 200KB/s15:37
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rajmbut it does!16:01
rajmthe downloads sha256 and gpg check and I've run a health check on the BBB16:12
rajmno builds visible in kernelci but that's because they're too long ago16:12
rajmbut performs a build ( of iwg20m) and it appears in the kernelci interface16:38
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