IRC logs for #cip for Tuesday, 2018-10-02

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* rajm runs the daily health on the BBB with an email to the list.07:26
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rajmhmm sees that docker-compose and lava-docker breaks more under ubuntu - at least it does in my installation!09:03
toscalixI would not have expected that09:31
rajmyes checking this out - I think there's something more than docker permissions broken09:40
bwhtoscalix: I'm happy with the proposal to use Patchwork09:41
toscalixpatersonc_mob: ^09:42
patersonc_mobThanks. I'll look into it and put a proposal together.10:06
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patersoncHello bwh: Are you on the cip-members mailing list?10:09
patersoncHello rajm: Are you still planning to run daily healthchecks on the RZ/G board? Or was this just during your testing?10:14
toscalixpatersonc: he is not10:15
toscalixI mean, bwh is not on the members list10:15
toscalixpatersonc: rajm works on CIP 3 days a week.10:16
patersonctoscalix: I guessed :) Are you forwarding emails to Ben? (maintainers meeting)10:16
toscalixpatersonc: yes10:16
toscalixbut I assume that at some point we will go public about it10:16
patersoncI was asking about the healthchecks because I got one for BBB this morning and yesterday, but not iwg20m.10:17
rajmpatersonc: yes planning to run health checks on that board but can't do when I'm wfh'ing which I a,10:18 yesterday and today10:18
toscalixah.... that might be because he is working from home and did not take it with him10:18
toscalixbut the idea is to do it on regular basis10:19
toscalixwriting a mail about to ask him10:19
toscalixsent. patersonc is in CC10:21
patersoncThat's fine. Hopefully we'll have the lab working soon and it'll happen automatically.10:21
patersonctoscalix: Thanks10:21
toscalixpatersonc: yes, B@D works for development. For validation/delivery not10:21
toscalixautomation is better10:22
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