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* rajm runs a successful healthcheck on BBB with an email to the list08:10
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wagiI am planing my trip to ELCE this year. Is there any plans for a CIP maintainer meeting? Currently I plan to arrive on Sunday and leaving on Thursday (will go to the -rt summit)12:05
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toscalixwagi: I would ask the question in the mailing list since now we need to coordinate 4-5 people, not just ben and you since there are more kernel guys joining12:19
toscalixcip-dev public mailing list12:19
wagithanks :D12:21
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alicef[m]@wagi I can say from next week12:47
alicef[m]the meeting is only for maintainer?12:57
alicef[m]because I'm not a maintainer12:58
waginah, I guess anyone who wants to join is welcomed :)13:01
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