IRC logs for #cip for Thursday, 2018-07-19

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* rajm runs successful BBB health check with email to the list08:04
gavinlailet's start meeting ~09:01
gavinlai#topic roll call09:01
gavinlaiplease say hi if you're in this meeting09:01
gavinlaipatersonc: hi ~09:14
gavinlaipatersonc: maybe we can have meeting next week ?09:20
patersoncI think so!09:20
patersoncI don't have anything to ask anyway :)09:20
gavinlai: )09:21
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* rajm gets a rsync failure when provisioning a fresh vagrant instance with vagrant 2.1.2 and vbox 5.2.16 but that's not the same prob as zoran's - looking further10:31
rajmsorted out that issue and I think provisioning is going to complete ok, so something in his script or in his install?12:18
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