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* rajm ran a successful BBB health check with email to the list08:05
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gavinlaiszlin take a few weeks off09:00
gavinlaiI will chair today09:00
gavinlai#topic roll call09:01
gavinlaiplease say hi if you're in this meeting09:01
gavinlai#topic kernel patch review update09:02
gavinlaiMoxa team is reviewing patch 4.4.130 and 4.4.130-cip2309:03
gavinlaiany question about kernel patch review?09:03
gavinlaiok, let's move to next topic09:04
gavinlai#topic supportable list and not supportable list09:04
gavinlaiwe plan to have a supportable list and a not supportable list09:05
gavinlaibwh provided a list as an example in YAML format:
gavinlaiabout two weeks ago,09:05
gavinlaiwe discussed a case, if we have a supportable *and* a not supportable list, then what does it mean if a symbol is in both lists, or in neither list?09:05
gavinlaiIMHO, if a symbols is in both lists, that may be a bug.09:06
gavinlaiif a symbol is in neither list, members can discuss whether to officially support that symbol09:06
bwhSeems reasonable09:07
gavinlaiIn current format:
gavinlaiwe provide (1) reason (2) symbol09:08
gavinlaido we need any other information?09:08
gavinlaiI think it is good09:09
gavinlaiany ideas?09:09
bwhWell there's also a directory specified in one case (staging), which I intend to mean that the checker would warn for each enabled symbol in a Kconfig file under that directory09:10
gavinlaiSo, it will be symbol or directory?09:12
bwhI was thinking the checker would support matching by symbol name and by directory09:12
gavinlaiand how to warn users?09:14
bwhPrint a warning line for each symbol that's explicitly unsupported. If we add an explicit support list too, print a less severe warning for any symbol that doesn't match either list.09:16
bwh"Internal error" if any symbol that matches both list.09:17
bwh"Internal error" if any symbol matches both lists.09:17
bwhDoes that make sense to you?09:18
gavinlaiI think I can try to write a script now09:19
gavinlaimove to next topic ?09:20
gavinlai#topic Miscellaneous09:21
gavinlaiany other business?09:22
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toscalixrajm: I forgot to mention that I appreciate that you have provided updates through the journal. It has been very helpful while traveling16:10
toscalixthank you. Link to journal:
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