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gavinlaibwh: I read about the in kernel config repo14:50
gavinlaiI'am wondering what will the supportable list or not suportable list look like?14:51
gavinlaiwill we have both supportable and not supportable list?14:59
bwhgavinlai: So far I have a list of things in YAML format:
bwhbut I'm open to discussion on using a different format16:31
bwhIf we have a supportable *and* a not supportable list, then what does it mean if a symbol is in both lists, or in neither list?16:32
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gavinlaiyeah, I think we need to clarify the meaning23:30
gavinlaiIf we only have a not suuportable list, I don't think that means the rest of the symbols are supportable, right?23:31
gavinlaiI think the most cases are a symbol is in neither list23:47

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