IRC logs for #cip for Wednesday, 2018-06-06

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* rajm runs run a successful BBB health check with email to the list07:57
* rajm has tried the iwg20m with the renesas provided initramfs and that is also timing out when starting the kernel09:33
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* rajm runs the fortnightly provision #14910:34
rajmwhich completes ok - a few repeats of HCs until they worked ;-) the QEMU was claiming 'No space left on device' which was a little concerning, I tidied up the apt cache to get it to run12:45
rajmhmm - the vm I use for daily checks /dev/sda1       8.7G  7.3G  970M  89% /12:55
rajmno that's ^^^ the one I created today - the one used daily with more images and an iwg20m build /dev/sda1       8.7G  6.0G  2.4G  72% /12:56
* rajm runs a HC for the iwg20m on the newly provisioned vm and is relieved to see it fail (I had wondered if LAVA retained some state which could cause subsequent ones to fail)13:53
rajmand a iwg20m HC works (email -> list) - but n identical ones before it failed15:06
* rajm wonders why that BBB HC ran - it's set to run every 24 hours and I ran one this morning!15:32
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rajmAh got a 'Resetting CPU ...' in a lava-tool test and lava decided 'Good → Unknown (Infrastructure error after 76)'16:14
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