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szlin.o. time to meeting09:00
szlin#topic roll call09:00
* szlin please say hi if you're here09:00
szlin#topic kernel patch review09:02
szlinMoxa team are still reviewing 4.4.130, the result will be sent out tomorrow09:02
bwhI'm also reviewing 4.4.130 now09:03
szlinwe've got the email from Ben, thanks for the review.09:03
szlinit's interesting that half patches of 4.4.130 belongs to s390 arch.09:04
bwhAh, we can ignore them, then09:05
toscalixDaniel Sangorrin has sent to cip-dev a review of a failing patch and a potential fix09:05
toscalixprobably bwh , you want to have a look09:06
bwhIt's a failing test case, should probably go to stable09:07
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szlin2 questions from here09:08
szlin1. According to
szlinbwh: you had mentioned that this patch is "bit big for stable"09:08
bwhNot the patch I was replying to, but the second one that I referred to09:09
szlinbwh: yes, the patch you mentioned is in
bwhOK, so the question....09:11
szlinhow to define "big" ?09:12
bwhThe rule (but it is more of a guideline, not an absolute rule) is that patches should change up to 100 lines09:13
szlinbwh: yes, I saw some patches are over 100 lines.09:15
bwhI know, that's why I said it's a guideline09:16
szlinbwh: thanks.09:16
szlin2. how to find related fix upstream09:17
szlinfor example:
szlinwe've used some tools like cregit and email2git09:18
bwhI think what I did there was to run "git log e279e6d98e0cf2c2fe008b3c29042b92f0e17b1d..torvalds/master drivers/tty/serial/sccnxp.c" to see changes after the first commit09:19
bwhand then I saw there was another commit touching sccnxp_probe()09:19
szlinbwh: thanks for sharing.09:20
bwhThe reason I looked was that the first commit added a call to clk_prepare_enable() without a matching clk_disable_unprepare(), which I found suspicious09:20
bwhI mean, that looked like a bug09:21
szlinAny questions?09:24
szlin#topic Misc09:24
szlinThe linux-cip-rt mirror on gitlab.com09:25
szlintoscalix: thanks to Agustín09:25
toscalixwagi requested it. Easy to do09:26
szlinany questions in misc?09:26
toscalixszlin: I suggest you add the kernel review topic in the TSC f2f meeting at OSSJ09:27
toscalixif the time is right, bwh might join remotely09:27
szlintoscalix: agree09:28
szlin#action SZ will add the kernel review topic in TSC f2f meeting at OSSJ09:28
szlinif there are no more questions, the meeting will be end09:28
toscalixI am starting to prepare the kernel presentation. I will include this action (kernel patch review) as one of the outcomes09:28
toscalixof our current process09:28
toscalixI will send the slide to the ML for review09:29
szlin#action Agustin will send the presentation slide to ML for review09:30
bwhszlin: thanks09:30
szlinthanks all09:30
* rajm provisions fresh vm with the latest master and configures email and notify - BBB HC works and gets sent to the list10:00
rajmiwg20m still not working though10:01
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* rajm runs a successful iwg20m with email to the list12:23
toscalixgreat, what was the problem?12:24
rajmI've no clear idea it may just be the random roll of the dice! however....12:25
rajmI booted the board outside of lava and noticed FAT-fs (mmcblk2p1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.12:25
rajmand wondered whether that might be a problem so I manually shutdown the board and then set the power control to be off and ran the health check and it worked, let me try that sequence again!12:26
rajmI've done so - that worked, so tried it again - it failed; tried it again it worked12:47
* rajm shrugs12:47
toscalixrajm: maybe if you sit down with bwh and show him, he can give you ideas13:13
rajmmaybe though he's now on leave, will see if patersonc can give some clarification13:14
rajm...on his return13:15
rajmthe current iwg20m test results are (starting from the first OK) OK;OK;Fail;OK;OK;Fail;Fail; and one of the OKs was without doing the manual poweroff and reset dance13:22
rajmI'll document some of this in the appropriate ticket and the journal13:24
rajmBut I do have output from a 2018-4 HC for the renesas board so I've created the snippet updated the wiki and closed
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