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* rajm runs a BBB healthcheck with email to the list08:55
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rajmand a successful renesas HC - again with email to list, appears to have reset to working again, I'll do another good input test and then update my branch and do a fresh provision to test before creating a MR09:19
rajmyes that works too09:22
rajmbut the 3rd attempt didn't09:34
rajmand it's back to working :-)09:39
rajmit's week 16 but as the last provision under was last week I'm going to do that next week and increment the expected week number10:00
patersoncrajm: I may have seen an issue!10:12
patersoncLine 6010:13
rajmyes that dtb line has been removed10:14
patersoncOh okay10:15
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rajmreprovision of b@d vm from my latest commit and the renesas HC works first time :)10:49
rajmnow to push to the branch and MR10:49
* rajm opens
patersoncrajm: Does this mean the iwg20m HC is stable now? It works every boot?11:50
* rajm doubts it - let me exercise it a bit....11:50
patersoncha :P11:52
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rajmno the third HC fails - unlucky for some!11:59
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patersonctoscalix: Good response13:11
toscalixbwh: also responded to a different comment13:13
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bwhI'm having trouble bouncing the stable review mails to cip-dev. Is it an open list? Does it filter on From address?14:48
bwhI bounced a single message as a test, which hasn't showed up on cip-dev or resulted in a bounce or moderation message14:53
toscalixa couple of days ago we could not see the list due to permission denied. Yesterday it was fixed15:21
toscalixbwh: it seems to be working fine. I do not recall any filter. Let me see if I can get in15:23
toscalixoh, I am not an admin of this list15:23
toscalixbwh: can you send one to me? I will try to send it with my account. Maybe we can understand the issue better that way15:24
bwhtoscalix: OK, I bounced the first message to you15:28
toscalixreceived it. Sending to cip-dev15:32
bwhI have a suspicion that mail servers might be rejecting external mail with a From: @linuxfoundation.org15:35
bwhAn alternative would be to put up the mailbox file somewhere and then reviewers will need to import it15:35
toscalixit does not arrive15:37
toscalixso your guess might be a good one15:38
toscalixwhat a pitty15:38
toscalixis there a way to resend them from your mail account?15:41
toscalixinstead of bouncing?15:41
toscalixotherwise we can always use gitlab15:41
toscalixup to you bwh If you need help, let me know15:45
bwhIf I forward them (using my From address and cip-dev as the To address) then it becomes harder to reply to the original recipients15:46
toscalixyep, not ideal15:48
bwhSo we have some kind of file hosting for B@D releases; how can I put up a file there?15:51
toscalixrajm can you help bwh with that?15:52
rajmtoscalix: let me look/remember15:53
toscalixrajm: I am in. I will create a new folder for bwh and provide him rights15:57
rajmok ta!15:57
toscalixhave a good weekend16:13
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