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Guest74221hello szlin02:59
szlinHi Victor03:03
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szlinHi Iwamatsu-san03:05
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iwamatsu_Hi, szlin06:07
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* rajm runs successful health checks on BBB and renesas with emails to the list08:13
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rajmI'm building 4.4.126-cip22 atm and will update the health check shortly - and hopefully send out an email to cip-testing-results08:14
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patersoncbwh: Are you around? I have some Debian LTS questions :)08:28
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toscalixpatersonc: in 20 min we have the IRC meeting. I think bwh will attend08:38
patersoncOkay :) I'll wait until the meeting is over before changing the subject to Debian :)08:40
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rajmtest pass result email for /v4.4.126-cip22 sent automatically to the testing results list08:46
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szlinroot_: please change the name08:56
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szlinBTW, don't login IRC with the root account08:58
toscalixszlin: would you like to run the meeting?08:58
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toscalixwe do not have a meeting bot but we can use the meetbot format, what do you think?08:59
toscalixI will find out if we can add it08:59
toscalixfor the next meeting09:00
szlinfair enough09:00
szlin#topic Roll call09:00
gavinlaihi ~09:01
szlinPlease say hi if you are here09:01
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szlin#topic 1. CIP kernel maintenance team working flow09:02
szlintoscalix: Do you have any idea on it ?09:02
toscalixno, this is a topic for the maintainers09:03
toscalixI just pinged bwh09:03
toscalixno answer yet09:03
szlinoops, that's bad. Because the next topic is also related to him09:04
toscalixI see the release mail at 22:1009:06
toscalixI wonder if he is up09:06
toscalixanyway, let's move on. I will talk to him later on09:06
toscalixto find out what happened09:06
szlinThe topics which I have are related to him, so let's have open discussion?09:07
patersoncszlin: I have a question09:08
patersoncCan you outline the experience your team has with Linux and Linux maintenance?09:09
szlinThe team is made up by volunterrs in different departments09:11
moxavictorhi everybody, i am new guy in this chat, may i know others ?09:11
toscalixmoxavictor: yes, but we are in the middle of a meeting, so what about later on?09:11
moxavictorok, i join this meeting from moxa09:12
szlinMember candidates/ subsystem09:12
szlinTzongyen/ RT preempt/ xenomai09:12
szlinGavin/ Networking09:12
szlinVidda/ Wireless networking09:12
szlinTaiyi/ Storage09:12
szlinHarry/ Linux Security Modules (LSM)09:12
szlinSZ/ Cellular09:12
szlinWes/ Ethernet driver09:12
toscalixquite a team09:13
patersoncGreat :)09:13
szlinWe are developing the industrial products, so it needs long-term support in Linux09:13
patersoncWhich Kernel version do you tend to use at the moment? And do you actively upstream?09:13
szlinFor example: rail way, power station and marine09:14
szlinThe same as the CIP kernel 4.409:14
szlinpatersonc: yes, "upstream first".09:15
szlinAnd of course, it's the spirit of open source09:15
toscalixo/ a couple of points from me09:16
toscalixmay I?09:17
szlinby all means.09:17
toscalix#info New gitlab subgroup for kernel repos:
toscalixFeel free to use the journal. It helps us to keep track of the work.09:18
toscalixThe third point is a question: Is there anybody at Moxa who will use B@D to test the kernel?09:18
moxavictortoscalix: could i know where you from ?09:18
toscalixI work for codethink09:19
szlintoscalix: moxavictor is our kernel guru, he works in Moxa for more than 25 yrs09:19
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szlintoscalix: yes, we are trying to do this test by aligning with our testing system09:20
toscalixcan I ask what do you guys use?09:20
toscalixfor testing I mean09:20
* patersonc is back (poor network connection)09:20
szlinpatersonc: Are you Chris from Renesas?09:21
patersoncszlin: Yep09:21
szlintoscalix: Do you mean testing tool ?09:21
toscalixyes, for the kernel09:21
szlinWe used Jenkins/ Lava09:21
toscalixah, LAVA, then we will be able to collaborate easily09:21
toscalixeven if you use plain LAVA on a server we will be able to share the configs, tests, etc09:22
moxavictortoscalix: the testing need hardware, how do you get hardware to do it ?09:22
toscalixrajm: Robert Marshal is the person working on it09:22
szlinThat's exactly what we doing09:23
toscalixmoxavictor: we are using the CIP platforms: BBB and the Renesas board09:23
rajmyes it would be good to have more content to the tests within lava - very much on the surface at the moment09:23
szlinmoxavictor: I think he used BBB/ Renesas board for testing09:23
rajm(am also from Codethink)09:23
moxavictorcan you add moxa's board to do it ?09:24
toscalixmoxavictor: we can, but adding platforms has many implications in terms of maintenance, and involve costs, so there is a process to propose new platforms09:24
toscalixthere should be a formal proposal to the TSC09:25
rajmThat would be a good addition - we're still integrating the renesas config09:25
rajmah ok09:25
moxavictorok, i got it09:25
patersoncrajm: I've been told that Renesas will add to the LAVA tests at some point, not sure when though sorry.09:25
toscalixTechnical Steering Committee. I suggest you guys go through it09:25
toscalixlike Renesas did09:25
patersoncmoxavictor: Do you already have a Renesas board?09:25
szlintoscalix: thanks for guiding09:25
moxavictorno, we used others SoC09:26
patersoncmoxavictor: Okay. If you or your team need Renesas board(s) to help with the CIP maintenance then please let me know. Perhaps we can get some to you.09:27
moxavictorpatersonc: tks09:27
toscalixthe same applies to Moxa with the rest of the members. If Moxa wants other Members to use their platform, send boards is the usual approach09:28
szlinpatersonc: Do you also want to join CIP kernel maintenance team?09:28
toscalixonce it becomes an official platform09:28
toscalixwe would use it09:28
toscalixOne last point from me: talked to bwh yesterday about putting the kernel configs on the wiki09:29
moxavictortoscalix: you mean that we can send board to CIP ?09:30
patersoncszlin: It's an option I'm trying to push for, but struggling atm. Renesas is a silicon provider and historically we don't tend to get involved directly with Kernel maintenance.09:30
toscalixto members, yes. Renesas sent us a board and now we are working with it to supoprt it with B@D09:30
szlinmoxavictor: If we send the proposal and get approved in TSC, yes09:31
moxavictorok, got it09:31
toscalixthe idea is to test the cip kernel on the CIP platforms09:31
moxavictormay i know patersonc where from ?09:32
toscalixback to my last point, bwh and I will workl on it the coming days09:32
patersoncmoxavictor: I'm based in Renesas' UK office09:32
patersoncszlin: Can I ask what distro(s) do you use?09:33
toscalixszlin: is debian dev, correct?09:33
szlinpatersonc: Actually, I am DD09:33
szlintoscalix: correct.09:34
toscalixpatersonc: szlin is one of the DebConf 2018 organisers09:34
patersoncAh :)09:35
patersoncSo super Deb then09:35
patersoncDo you plan to use CIP Core / Deby?09:35
szlinSince Debconf18 will be held in Taiwan09:35
toscalixSDD :-D09:35
szlinpatersonc: we do not use yocto or meta-debian.09:36
szlinwe develop our tool for image generation09:36
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moxavictorwho know the kernel maintainer do what ?09:37
toscalixwe are over 7 min from the scheduled time. I need to go09:37
toscalixnext week again. I will tell bwh to ping you guys when he is back, through IRC09:38
szlin:( please ping bwh and let he know our topics afterwards09:38
patersonctoscalix: Thanks09:38
toscalixso you can ask him the questions that were a matter of this meeting09:38
moxavictorok, bye, tks09:38
patersoncszlin: Are you using CIP Core / Deby at all?09:38
szlinpatersonc: We don't use Deby but our own tool09:39
patersoncOkay. What are your platforms based on? ARM?09:39
szlinpatersonc: Both09:40
patersoncSorry for all the questions :)09:41
szlinpatersonc: Are you a kernel engineer in Renesas?09:41
szlindo not worry about it09:41
patersoncYes, I am a member of the Linux team in the UK and I manage the technical side of the CIP project for Renesas.09:42
moxavictorpatersonc: what you will do ?09:42
moxavictorbug fix ? add new driver ? new kernel version porting ?09:43
szlinI met katayama-san last year in OSS-J09:43
patersoncmoxavictor: At the moment we are concentrating on upstreaming support for the Renesas RZ/G1 SoCs and platforms and then backporting them to the CIP Kernel09:43
patersoncszlin: Great. Katayama-san is the overall project lead. I work with him closely.09:44
szlinpatersonc: I see.09:44
patersoncmoxavictor: With this in mind I'm keen to collaborate as much as possible with the CIP maintenance team to smooth the process.09:44
patersoncRenesas are also looking to contribute to the testing side of the project, especially the CIP-RT side. The plan is to get a LAVA-lab setup to facilitate this.09:45
szlinpatersonc: Which subsystem do you often to work with?09:45
patersoncszlin: Most of our work is adding new platform support so I touch a little on a lot of subsystems rather than being an expert on one.09:46
moxavictorthe Linx RT patched needs to fix some device driver, do you do it ?09:46
patersoncmoxavictor: Most of the RT work is done by the RT project. At the moment we're just consumers of their work. The demo we showed at ELC is based on the CIP-RT branch.09:47
szlinpatersonc: Kernel generalist.09:48
patersoncAlas I'm not signing up for the CIP maintenance though ;) At the moment I have no time :(09:48
patersoncI have little maintenance experience anyway! But happy to keep in the look and learn.09:49
szlinpatersonc: same here :)09:49
patersoncAs you're an expert, can I ask you about Debian maintenance?09:50
szlinBy all means, if I can answer it09:50
patersoncDuring debian-stable, what is maintained? Just security fixes? Or bug fixes etc. as well?09:51
szlinpatersonc: Most of them are security-related stuff, some of them are critical "rc" issue09:54
szlinThis point release mainly adds corrections for security issues, along with a few adjustments for serious problems09:55
patersoncOkay. And this maintenance is done for all of the Debian packages?09:56
patersoncszlin ^09:59
szlinBe right back, got a meeting at 18:0009:59
patersoncszlin: Okay!10:00
patersoncszlin: Some other questions whilst I remember them: I assume that Debian LTS _only_ backports security fixes. Is this for all packages or just a sub-set? Do you know if Debian LTS will support ARM64 for Jessie?10:03
patersoncbwh: Perhaps questions for you ^10:35
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szlinThis might help11:09
patersoncszlin: Thanks but I've already seen this11:10
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YstkI though we have a meeting today. is t that correct?12:25
patersoncThe maintenance meeting?12:25
patersoncIt was 3.5 hours ago... :(12:25
Ystkyes that it.12:25
patersonc1000 UK time12:26
YstkI thought it is 9pm in jst12:27
patersoncAh :(12:27
Ystkhave you discussed something about kernel maintener?12:28
patersoncWe did. Agustin sent round a log of the conversation to cip-dev12:29
szlinYstk: Not so much, since Ben was not here12:29
Ystkthat nice. I thought we should discuss about in the morning 🙁12:30
YstkI see12:30
Ystkwe... CIP have to find someone to take over the roll.12:31
szlinpatersonc: AFAIK, they have no plan for Jessie in ARM64 support12:32
Ystkfor myself, I am not aware with Arm64 support for Jessie12:32
patersoncszlin: Thank you. Do you know if there is a plan for LTS support in future Debian releases?12:32
Ystkbut Moxa want to do, maybe.12:33
szlinYstk: we are focus on Stretch12:34
Ystkhello sz12:34
szlinYstk: Hi Yoshi?12:34
YstkYes, I am Yoshi here12:35
szlinYstk: Hiii!!12:35
szlinpatersonc: Unsure, but I think ARM64 is trend. just a matter of time12:37
patersoncszlin: Thanks. I'm just trying to plan ahead. If CIP is using Debian because of the DebianLTS support, we need to make sure it supports the architectures we are using.12:38
szlinYstk: Will CIP sponsor OSS this year?12:38
szlinpatersonc: BTW, the discussion here will be recorded12:38
Ystk I agree it is trends. but imho, for arm 64 we can focus on the next kernel release12:39
Ystkwhich oss? ossj or oss europe?12:40
szlinsangorrin: Hi Daniel ._./~\12:41
Ystkfor ossj CIP become a silver sponsor12:41
szlingot it, thanks.12:41
sangorrin@szlin I missed the meeting too sorry ;_;12:42
sangorrinI have been checking the stable-queue.git repository12:44
Ystkhi Daniel, please do not worry. that's my fault.12:44
YstkNice. thanks12:45
Ystkto checing12:45
Ystkto checking the stable patch queue12:45
sangorrinI felt the need for some QEMU machine where i can easily make tests for the patches12:49
sangorrineg: tests for perf, tests for vrf..12:50
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toscalixpatersonc: the idea is to support the sources, not the binaries, right?13:16
patersonctoscalix: Yes13:17
toscalixnor the packages. That will be confusing for some time. We provide packages or binaries for practical reasons but we support sources13:18
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* rajm has a renesas b@d test working with a kernel built with kernelci (am for the moment still using the core-image-minimal-iwg20m the the dtb from the yocto build13:52
toscalixanother little step towards world domination13:54
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patersoncrajm: What kernelci server are you using?14:12
rajmpatersonc: needs updating but am using e2b922a78afb2cfe28fd44b2827f407e3623f4cc14:15
rajm\o/ renesas health check now passing with r8a7743-iwg20d-q7.dtb from kernelci build15:19
rajmjust need to remove the core-image-minimal-iwg20m now15:19
toscalixtwo hit in a day. Did you have wine at lunch? It works for me :-)15:39
toscalixcip-kernel repo movement announcement sent to cip-dev15:40
toscalixupdated journal15:40
rajm:-) about to head out for a pre-concert meal so maybe as a postlude - though having had a tooth (mostly) removed yesterday afternoon I need to be a bit careful15:43
toscalixhave fun15:43
* rajm updates journal first!15:44
toscalixsangorrin visiting spain anytime soon?15:45
toscalixah, not around15:45
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