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rajm successful BBB health check ran with email to the list08:00
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toscalixhi rajm08:13
toscalixI saw the progress with the PDU08:14
toscalixdo you think you will have the renesas board working this week?08:14
* rajm goes to look at what I reported08:17
rajmI don't think it's moved much there still seems to be the same issue and I'm not sure where to take it08:18
* rajm updates new journal08:22
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* rajm agrees with bwh's comments in #133 - needs thought as to where09:30
* rajm has updated #177 thinks there needs to be some mention of the private network setting in the Vagrantfile and thinks that probably needs to be in
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rajmtinkers with the ciptestingboardatdeskdingledevdeployment page10:20
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rajmsomething needs doing to the provisioned box instructions but it's going to be more complicated - and anyway the box with those settings doesn't yet exist10:29
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szlinWe will setup our custom board for cip testing recently12:28
szlinI need some time to align the current cip-testing architecture with our CI/CD system12:30
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rajmtoscalix: do I need to put some of the text back on editing the host IP address into the device dictionary to cover the case where the user might have downloaded the pre-provisioned box which is now out of date wrt these instructions? Oh that's annoying!14:19
toscalixwell... since we are now in maintenance mode, we can decide to maintain only the provisioning version14:43
toscalixno, we need to freeze a version and keep it14:44
rajmok, I'll consider a note to add to the wiki for this case or maybe more generally14:44
toscalixhummm..... basically we would have to maintain two documentations14:45
toscalixgiven that the provisioned box is getting old14:45
toscalixor make a new one available14:45
toscalixand update the docu, so we keep only one14:45
toscalixit has been what, 6 months since the last release?14:46
* rajm is just looking14:46
toscalixlast/first release14:46
toscalixelc eu, yes, around 6 months mow14:46
rajmyes October14:47
toscalixah, but but in order to release we would need to test on windows14:47
toscalixlots of work for a "maintenance mode"14:48
rajmyes and there's a fair few other hoops to jump14:48
toscalixfocus on the reneass board, leave the docu as it is now, put link in the page pointing at the previous version of the wiki page, where the info for the box was before you updated it, and move on14:50
toscalixadd a note to the link explaining when you should read the previous version14:51
rajmok will do14:51
toscalixsomething like.... if you are using B@D v1.1 this instruction will not work for you, please read [url to previous version]14:52
toscalixonce you are done with the renesas support, we will evaluate if we can move towards containers and hopefully the infra for cip will be working already. We will decide then what to do14:53
toscalixare you fine with that approach or do you have something different in mind?14:56
rajmno I'm fine with that - I've written "If you are using the 1.0 downloaded pre-provisioned box you need to read an older (hyperlink here) version of this page." - it is 1.0 - we didn't get to 1.114:57
toscalixyes, right15:01
toscalix1.0, sorry15:01
toscalixwe need to put the documentation up to test with the new version in a training session or demo somehow15:02
toscalixafter the renesas board is working, maybe we should do a video or a talk15:02
rajmAnd I've amended to 'If you are using the 1.0 release rather than the latest version for git you need to read an older version of this page.' (with link to the old version)15:03
toscalixlater this week I will go over the tickets, there are some maintenance work to do on the tickets15:03
toscalixfine then15:03
rajmI've made some comments on the renesas - with my issues - but I will need some assistance from tpollard or bwh here15:04
toscalixbwh: is travelling I think. I do not know yet when he will be back to the office15:12
toscalixtpollard: is your only option15:12
tpollardthat sounds like a movie quote15:12
rajmok - will see and we can discuss things at tomorrows meeting15:13
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toscalixtpollard: there is only you between us and ignorance15:52
toscalixyou are our only option15:53
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