IRC logs for #cip for Monday, 2018-04-02

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szlintoscalix: What do you think creating the diary on
toscalixszlin: that is one option08:54
toscalixmy preferred one would be to work on the same diary08:54
toscalixwe are not that many people working and the idea of the diary is to read what others are doing, so I would go for the existing one and use it for all activities by now08:55
toscalixwhen we grow, we make a more specific one08:55
toscalixthis will also encourage others to write in the diary, like bwh which reads it but writes only occasionally08:56
szlinSince the URL which you mentioned in under "cip-testing", but the content might not be related to testing.08:56
toscalixah, I see08:56
toscalixthen I would move it to a more generic URL08:57
toscalixto avoid this idea that is a journal for testing only08:57
toscalixwill move it later today08:57
szlinI wonder that R&D engineer might be confused08:57
toscalixbased on the current wiki structure, we can put it in first level08:58
szlin Thank you for you considerations08:58
toscalixso it covers... everything08:58
toscalixsadly we have a hard time deleting wiki pages since needs to be done by LF sysadmins08:58
toscalixso I will move the content to anew page, add a message on the current journal announcing the move and let you know08:59
szlinoops, I see.08:59
szlinThank you for your kind co-operation08:59
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