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rajmruns a successful health check from home with a different IP and successfully - email to list..07:56
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rajmthe changes to use the latest kernelci have now been merged into master, just need to document necessary changes in wiki09:52
* rajm destroys that vm and re-creates so I can paste in the output10:14
toscalixvery good news. Please let me know when the docu is ready so I go over it too10:31
rajmI think the wiki has been altered, the sample output will also need changing but less of a priority?10:45
rajmjust changes on this page
toscalixrajm: I think the docu is important. If you can change the output for newcomers10:49
rajmok I'll start the provisioning from scratch again and trap the output10:51
* rajm fixes new pre-formatted output on the wiki10:56
* rajm fears that when MR 55 gets merged the output will change again11:11
rajm..and it will but I've updated the example output (the post MR 55 is a one line change to the output)11:29
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toscalixrajm: can you generate automatically the output and add it to gitlab as snippet ans simply link the wiki to it?13:27
toscalixsince we do not use gitlab wiki pages?13:28
rajmup to now it's been contained in the cip-kernel-test-logs repos in gitlab and the wiki links there which seems I thought a more natural locn?13:34
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toscalixrajm: agree16:00
toscalixchecking my records, we already discussed this16:01
toscalixI forgot16:01
toscalixapologies for the noise16:01
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