IRC logs for #cip for Thursday, 2018-01-25

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* rajm looks at #149 for week 411:27
* rajm ticks week 4 on #149 and adds (for moment) a box for a further test provision in 2 weeks 14:25
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toscalixit worked, great14:38
toscalixcongrats. B has now the new kernelci, right_14:38
toscalixB@D has now....14:39
rajmno at the moment it's still has to be MR'ed and prob discussion before approval14:40
toscalixah, ok15:14
rajmat the moment the branch still has the old code if (false)'ed out for comparison, so that should be removed if we move to a MR15:20
toscalixyes please, I do not want to have branches but a single repo15:35
rajmyou'd like the MR producing from the branch now, but I would like a discussion (with kristeman?) before it is integrated as to whether it could be done better15:47
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