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rajmBBB health check runs successfully to completion - lava-bot> The job with ID # 9 has finished with status Complete on 2017-10-17 07:40:57 (+0000 UTC). Job was submitted by lava-health. Job details and log file: http://localhost:8080/scheduler/job/907:42
rajmlooking at the log some of my ircs at the end of yesterday got lost and so...07:44
rajmI've changed the configuration page (for BBB) to use /vagrant/tests/bbb_debian_local.yaml rather than one of the yaml files that reference the linaro kernel - so that's another reason why the initial hc will break (but as the text say it won't work I don't care!)  and it will now break even sooner - when it tries to find the local kernel that'as not built yet - but I think that's a good thing07:44
rajmBut will document that in the journal07:44
* rajm updates the feature page to mention the stretch update07:50
* rajm has updated the feature page to insert the renesas board name iwg20m rather than xxxx - or am I premature?07:52
*** toscalix has joined #cip08:11 appears to be down - here at any rate?! :-(08:11
toscalixnot here08:17
toscalixdns issue at the office?08:17
rajmthanks - other sites appear to be ok and pinging it gives me an ip address08:18
rajmI'll ask locally08:20
rajmyes local routing issue - discussions happening locally08:26
toscalixok, I have the link to the release announcement08:26
toscalixtry the wifi08:35
toscalixit might be your laptop08:36
rajmno it's codethink generally - there's a discussion on our #help channel08:36
rajmthough linuxfoundation is up again (but github still failing)08:41
rajmthe features page tables say Version *in* v0.9.1 release Version *for* v1.0 release - I'm going to make them both *in* unless you disagree toscalix ?08:45
toscalixgo ahead08:51
rajmok - and I've just removed the duplicate references to step 4 in the preface to the test cases page08:52
* rajm updates known issues to remove reference to #92 (closed ages ago) and I will tick the relevant bits of #14409:19
rajmmust review #53 in the light of my final comment (the 2017-7 update)09:21
rajm..but not today!!09:21
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* rajm is going to update to increase the disk space needed I'd put it at 13GB - in line with my edit of the features page yesterday, should we also add the s/w prerequisites too?09:28
toscalixI think so09:29
toscalixit is a big amount of space09:29
rajmas a link to the features page or just duplicate?09:29
toscalixout of context09:46
toscalixcan you develop further?09:46
rajmthe workshop has a list of prerequisites which mention diskspace but doesn't say whether we're expecting participants to arrive with an installation of vagrant (and other things mentioned as prerequisities on the feature page)09:48
toscalixdo not mix one thing and the other, please09:59
toscalixadd the prerequisites for the workshop session in the workshop page and send a notification to the cip-dev mailing list10:00
toscalixlet me add it to the ticket10:00
rajmok thanks10:02
rajmthe fewer things we need participants to download and install the better10:03
CTtpollardthey shouldn't need vagrant?10:04
rajmthey do - see the script vagrant is needed to run the box10:05
toscalixadded several tasks to the training session ticket10:06
toscalixI need to finish preparing my trip10:06
toscalixonly the linkedin messages are behind schedule from my side10:07
toscalixI intend to help with the content of the training session on friday10:08
toscalixwith the slides10:08
toscalixif needed10:08
toscalixor any other thing you tell me to10:08
rajmok thanks!10:10
toscalixI am carrying my BBB10:16
CTtpollardcan't virtualbox itself launch the box once it's fully provisioned from vagrant up?10:18
toscalixI have 20 AC/DC transformers here and I do not know which one is the BBB10:18
toscalixI usually power it through micro USB, could be?10:18
rajmI use microusb as a power source10:19
rajmlooks at and wonders which version of uboot participants will have10:20
rajmI'll give it a go CTtpollard10:21
toscalixok, then, one less problem10:21
CTtpollard#53 is always fun10:25
* CTtpollard ran a training session where previous users had flashed all the boards with a new version of uboot, that couldn't boot provided kernel10:26
* rajm buys CTtpollard a plane ticket for Prague10:27
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CTtpollardproject x seems to get past the known openssh_server adduser hiccup with jessie as the host \o/11:03
* rajm has removed the mention of the lava version beneath the table giving that same version!12:30
* rajm ticks the link to the release announcement in #144 (yes I know it's a broken link and assume that's as before intentional)13:17
* rajm intends to recast the test cases page so that it's more helpful - none of the health checks in git will 'just work' they need tailoring so they point to the local kernel13:27
* rajm things that page is now improved though thinks that test 4 could also benefit from the use of that sed script13:44
* rajm adds note to section 8 of BBB config outlining password changing/use alternatives13:55
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toscalixrajm: I'm at the airport. I am about to check the journal and tickets. Before that, anything I should pay special attention to?14:56
rajmI think just my email of this afternoon, we're not sure of the status of the renesas board on bwh's desk as to whether it can just be used14:58
toscalixit can. bwh mentioned in a meeting last week we could use it14:59
rajmCTtpollard ^^14:59
toscalixrequested to add in the todo list the license policy15:10
toscalixI cannot find it15:10
CTtpollardah ok15:14
CTtpollardit seems to be wired up, but if you insist15:14
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