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* rajm has run another health check - having fixed the hostname didn't get pinged as my freenode connection wasn't up :-(08:23
rajmI'll try again and then clean up the vm to prepare for an export08:23
rajmThe job with ID # 6 has finished with status Complete on 2017-10-12 08:29:32 (+0000 UTC). Job was submitted by lava-health. Job details and log file: http://localhost/scheduler/job/608:31
rajmhmm still with an incorrect link - missing the port number - it's  correct on another vm instance - just checking what I set there08:38
rajmah that's better looks like the vm needs a reboot after setting the host I'll add that to the wiki (together  with the port number)08:50
rajmand before exporting the box remove my irc handle from the BBB health check!!!08:51
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toscalixyou mean from the acceptance criteria?09:14
toscalixCre­ate the SPDX files for each repo: link09:15
toscalixcan you add the links to the acceptance criteria?09:15
rajmcertainly there in the b@d repos just a mo...09:15
rajmit's now there09:18
rajmsorry wrong place09:18
toscalixthe fourth point will leave it open for now. We will close it with the documentation09:20
toscalixfifth point (fourth in the acceptance criteria09:20
rajmby that second tick box you mean the top level LICENCE file - the text appears to follow on from the 'individual source files' mention in the previous item09:21
toscalixacceptance criteria09:21
rajmyes that's what I'm referencing09:21
toscalixso the first three points are covered?09:22
toscalixhave you created the spdx file for the rest of the repos?09:23
rajmassuming the second point means what it said? there's no SPDX files anywhere other than09:23
toscalixbut we need one for each repo09:23
rajmso no -09:23
toscalixcan it be done?09:24
toscalixdoes each repo has the copy of the license?09:24
* rajm thinks issues with syncing repos - can't add SPDX file until we have them up to date though we're using an older version of kernelci does our latest version of that need to refelect that and have the SPDX file in that version?09:25
toscalixand we add it again when we size it09:26
toscalixin fact, commit it upstream :-)09:26
toscalixand then we only need to add our bit in the release09:26
rajmsize it?09:27
toscalixno, we should have in our repos the version we are shipping09:27
toscalixbut we need to include the spdx file09:27
rajmlooking at kernelci-backend-config - which is the version that b@d uses we have a top level licence but its not there in
toscalixok, so that step needs to be done for every repo09:28
rajmand the link to our 'mirror' is wrong in #14209:28
toscalixI'll change it09:29
rajmthat step being the mirroring being up to date ? and then we can think about the SPDX09:30
toscalixnot sure what are you asking me09:30
rajmoh Mirror update for cip-project/cip-testing/kernelci-backend-config failed with the following message: The default branch (master) has di09:31
rajmerged from its upstream counterpart and could not be updated automatically.09:31
toscalixwhy are you trying to update it?09:31
toscalixis our repo in an older version than what we are shipping?09:31
rajmbecause has the LICENSE and our mirror doesn't?09:32
toscalixupdate by hand09:32
toscalixI am fixing the links in #14209:32
rajmby shipping you mean in the provisioned box ? we're pulling from github in the (candidate provisioned box)09:33
rajmthanks - just need to check how to do the update by hand09:33
toscalixI thought we were pulling from gitlab09:34
rajmthat's what we talked about earlier in the week and why #148 wa sopened09:35
toscalixplease open a ticket to change that09:36
rajmby pulling from github I mean in the sub repos not the top one - just to be clear09:36
toscalixlooking if that ticket is already created09:36
rajmbut I thought #148 was that ticket?09:36
toscalixbut it is incomplete09:37
toscalixthis is the right time to complete it#09:37
rajmso it is I'll do so09:37
rajmdoes so - but there's more of a can of worms in that - as the ansible provisioning will also pull from github so that needs changing too09:42
toscalixwe need to have our repos in shape before releasing09:42
toscalixsince you are not pulling from them, they are not, but as distributors we need to have the right code in our site09:42
toscalixso we need to do it09:42
toscalixthe best way to have them in shape.... is to use them09:43
toscalixrepos in shape, license in shape.... things we need to do to declare GM09:43
rajmin that case you're saying that the VM provisioning needs to pull from gitlab throughout ?09:43
toscalixnot now09:44
toscalixwe will not do it now09:44
toscalixwe will leave that for the future09:44
rajmbut we discussed this earlier this week and I thought #148 was for the future past the v1.0 release09:44
toscalixbut our repos should have the code we are shipping09:44
rajmah agress violently!09:44
CTtpollardwhat about all the debian packages?09:44
toscalixsadly, we would not have space probably for mirroring stretch09:45
toscalixbut since we distribute it, we should have it also in our repos09:46
toscalixbut not for now09:46
toscalixbut maybe we can add it to the spdx file09:47
toscalixrajm ?09:47
rajmmaybe we need to have a meeting ? so our (for eg) kernelci-backend-config that needs an update so that master reflects the older version we're using from github09:48
rajmwhich spdx file the one in b@d ... looks09:48
toscalixyou mention lava but not stretch, meybe we can mention it09:48
toscalixthis what we are doing09:49
rajmso in PackageComment - yes09:49
toscalixwe are updating the repos and then we will include the license file and the spdx file in each one of them09:49
toscalixmeanwhile I am fixing all the links in #14209:50
rajmwe weren't using stretch when that file was created ...but I'll add it probably via a direct edit09:50
rajmohh team meeting09:50
rajmneed to create a new spdx file for each repos09:51
* rajm goes to find 302 - are you joining CTtpollard ?09:54
CTtpollardI guess so?09:54
toscalixyes please09:56
toscalixlinks fixed09:57
rajmwe're in the meeting toscalix09:58
* rajm has altered the b@d LICENSE.spdx to include Debain stretch and change dthe text from 'includes the following libraries' to 'includes the following software'10:23
toscalixanother small step towards fully in compliance10:46
toscalixbeing fully....10:46
* rajm sees if kernelci-frontend-config has same issues with updating the mirror as k-b-c11:00
* CTtpollard updates his windowsbox to 10, will check current instructions from scratch11:00
CTtpollardwhen b@d pulls in kernel-ci, does it pull from the gitlab repo & a specific sha?11:01
rajmyes it pulls from gitlab (for the -config) and then checkouts a specific sha - see integration-scripts/install_backend.sh11:03
rajmlooks like the frontend is not as problematic as the backend11:03
* rajm spots a stray hyphen in LICENSE.spdx (spelling licence causes me pain but it know...)11:06
CTtpollardgood :)11:10
* rajm fixes
rajmand adds frontend-config/LICENSE.spdx and backend-config/LICENSE.spdx11:15
toscalixrajm: are the of the repos, specially the main one, in shape?11:18
rajmwill loook11:20
rajmor even look11:21
rajmadds frontend/LICENSE.spdx and backend/LICENSE.spdx11:21
rajmI've used todays date in the form yyyy-mm-dd I hope that's ok and we don't need to use americal ordering ( or add text to clarify any ambiguity)11:22
rajmtop level readme looks ok11:24
rajmI was ok with the kernelci ones too - though not sure they were ours11:25
rajmahh kernelci-build remains to be spdx'ed11:25
* rajm has done so - though looks a bit spartan!11:28
toscalixadded info to the release process section of the management page
* rajm lunches - b8ut wonders whether CTtpollard and I were stil intended to lunch or have necessary conversations taken place11:30
toscalixI think the management page is done for now11:30
toscalixah, no, one check box missing11:31
* rajm intends to tick licence conformance on #14211:31
toscalixnow, done11:37
toscalixmarketing page related tasks from the docu ticket done11:45
CTtpollardI think there's nothing urgent required over lunch11:48
toscalixCTtpollard: can you provide me the link of the board and site to buy the BBB so I give it to admin?11:49
toscalixafter lunch is fine11:49
rajmand does CTtpollard need an FTDI cable?11:50
CTtpollardrajm: I should be ok ftdi (presuming it's just standard tx/rx/gnd)11:52
CTtpollardtoscalix: sure11:52
toscalixrajm: do not forget to check please11:53
rajmyes that's so11:53
toscalixso release announcement considered approved11:54
rajmok will look11:54
CTtpollardbah RS are back ordered11:54
* rajm thinks there needs to be a separation between the foot of the standard steps on ie step 14 and the stuff that's only windows it makes the next step - the link in step 14 hard to see - I'm forever clicking the 'Back to' link by mistake11:55
CTtpollardtoscalix: biff11:57
* rajm has ticked all but the last point which I don't understand - or is the first clause explained by the second (and why is it also a tick box in the description?)12:04
rajmand it's referencing the contributions section of ?12:06
toscalixIn the contribute to the cip testing project, you should add the instructions a developer should follow when committing code related to licenses and spdx file (the mechanism)12:12
toscalixin the landing page. So yes, the link to posted rajm12:12
toscalixI created a new section for contribute to.... instead of a bullet point like before12:12
toscalixhummmm, maybe that section should be at the beginning of the page12:13
toscalixmoved the download page of the previous release a couple of days ago. Now I erased the old links in the v1.0 one12:14
rajmand I think there should be something about contribution mechansim rather than just licences, the current section is all management apart from bug reporting (I think!)12:15
toscalixgo ahead and create it, please12:16
toscalixit is now or never12:16
toscalixthis contribute section can be heavily improved, yes12:18
toscalixadd your bits and I will add some more later12:18
toscalixor even better, I will add mine and you keep focused on what the ticket says so you can move on faster12:19
toscalixas you wish12:19
* rajm was making coffee... maybe contributions are always hypotheticals as we don't know the form until a contribution appears? I'll write something on licences but this doesn't need to be done before gold master12:28
rajmI've contributed something to contributions!12:31
rajmand adds commons conservancy link12:36
rajmand closes #14012:38
* rajm assumjes we're going for v1.0 for a tag?12:56
rajm*assumes - I can't type today12:56
rajmticks the sync box of #14212:59
rajmand a bad day for typing makes it an even worse day for generating a new gpg key but lets hope!13:19
rajmbriefly re-opens #140 and then closes it again13:30
rajmspecifies the v1.0 tag in ]#142 and goes ahead with the tagging13:34
* rajm has tagged and begins testing13:40
rajmalso vagrant up's on W10 at the same time13:57
rajmand W10 finishes while the one on my debian host is still trundling on (despite debian having +5 mins start)14:08
rajmfor qemu I up all the timeouts to 8mins (or more if they were prev more) just to ensure the Hcheck works14:15
rajmfor BBB I use bbb_debian_local.yaml rather than the one in the notes as it uses all local host links (they're invalid links but the HC is going to fail anyway as the BBB isn't set up) - maybe some of this needs to go on the wiki?14:16
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toscalixbwh: around ? Which type of serial cable should I buy for the Renesas board you have?14:32
toscalixUSB to RS232 or USB to TTL or makes no diference for our purpose?14:33
toscalixyou will probably need to create a new one for the technical details14:37
toscalixand relate it to this one in the Related issues section14:38
CTtpollardrenesas usually do serial over mini/micro usb14:40
* rajm thinks that steps 14-16 of should be junked as it's probably already that and nothing is going to work until the CIP kernel is built14:40
toscalixbwh: can you confirm this? I need to buy the right cable14:42
toscalixlet's see if I find the specs somewhere14:44
CTtpollardyep, micro usb
toscalixah, you read my mind14:44
CTtpollardhas an inbuilt converter14:45
toscalixI am unsure this is the board14:45
rajmremoves those steps 14-16 and changes the heading before step 1314:45
toscalixah, it is14:45
toscalixthanks CTtpollard14:46
rajmand updates the cip kernel so that the tags are up to date (on the wiki!!)14:49
toscalixpurchase request sent14:53
rajmand for the BBB test I normally go straight to test #5 of the referencetestcases in order to use the script  (ignoring the lava-tool bit) and set that up as a working (one hopes) health check15:11
toscalixrajm: do not forget the journal please15:20
rajmthough it's currently locked by you15:21
rajmthe debian hosted VM is tested15:31
rajmThe job with ID # 4 has finished with status Complete on 2017-10-12 15:31:06 (+0000 UTC). Job was submitted by lava-health. Job details and log file: http://localhost:8080/scheduler/job/415:31
rajmjust building the cip kernel on the W10 hosted box15:32
rajmand the kernel build completes on w10 that's enough for me for the day - have a good evening all!15:37
CTtpollardo/ night15:38
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bwhtoscalix: I confirm the Renesas iwg20m board has an on-board USB serial adapter. So you need a standard A (or C) to micro-B cable.16:10
toscalixbwh: thanks16:12
toscalixbwh: working on the slides16:48
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