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rajmmorning - BBB health check run successfully and sent to list07:29
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toscalixrajm: I am going through the release announcement07:39
toscalixI need to include the new features and highlights07:39
toscalixcan you provide the to me?07:39
toscalixlava update07:39
rajmok, just a mo07:40
toscalixmeasures so it works behind a firewall and07:40
toscalixw10 support07:40
toscalixI have those. Any other ?07:40
toscalixyes, no hurry07:40
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toscalixrajm: did you test b@D on windows 10 recently?07:42
rajmlocal built initramfs07:42
toscalixdoes the box works?07:42
toscalixok, that is the fourth feature07:42
rajmI was worrying about that - no I haven't do I need to test both box and from git - I guess so07:42
rajm(that's w10 comment)07:43
toscalixyes, we cannot declare gold master without testing the box on windows07:45
rajmit probably needs an entry in the GM issue then07:46
rajmdo you want the bug fixes too and the things that the lava update gives us (though that's mainly bug fixes)07:47
toscalixno, those four is enough07:48
rajmok, can I do the test on W10  before git gets updated with licence info or should it wait and use the git master that will be used in the release?07:50
toscalixthe sooner you do the test, the better07:52
rajmok I'll boot up the w10 box07:53
rajmvery few of the individual files in the kernel*config git repos have licence headers do they need to be added or does the top level LICENSE file cover them?08:16
toscalixadd them08:22
rajmthough that's the github version but our gitlab version won't be different08:28
rajmlooks at the tasks before gold master today and worries - though the w10 git provision has worked - but then there's building kernel, initramfs and then a re-provision of the linux version08:48
rajmon w10 vm telnet vmIpaddr 8020 doesn't connect :-( I'll investigate while the kernel builds08:54
rajm says Create a new branch using the latest CIP tag. and then uses v4.4.69-cip4 that probably wants updating09:03
toscalixwe should rephrase it in a way it does not provide any version number09:12
toscalixso we do not need to change the instructions for evenry release09:12
toscalixquestion: rajm did you get a notification from a gitlab ticket earlier this morning? Just confirming you track that request from me09:14
rajmmaybe make the 'for example' repeat09:14
rajmyes I got the notification - I've been mainly looking at the W10 m/c where I don't have email - I'll update that ticket with what you need09:15
toscalixok, great09:16
toscalixno problem, I am fine knowing you have the notification09:17
toscalixyou have a lot on your plate today09:17
toscalixgold master declaration is the priority09:17
toscalixthe rest can wait09:17
rajmI've done an update to #146 as I'd started it, maybe there's more that could be added09:20
* rajm confirms that initramfs and kernel builds on W10 and that the kernelci is ok 09:22
toscalixso we can release saying that w10 is fully supported?09:22
toscalixI will add the w10 and linux os as host checks on the gold master declaration task09:24
rajmI'm still to run a health check usb/ser2net wasn't working just rebooted the vm to see if that fixes it09:25
toscalixadded to the ticket09:26
toscalixah, I see09:27
toscalixnoot confirmed yet09:27
toscalixthis keyboard I have today has a very sensitive "o" stroke so frequently two "o" comes out09:27
rajmusb now working but lava claims 'the device has no health check job' which afaict is untrue!09:34
toscalixthe fun starts09:39
rajmyup! reboots vm again and hopes09:43
rajmno that didn't fix it - the admin interface shows me the bbb health check but the device page suggests that I need to add one09:46
rajmjust been through all the settings on device and device type in the lava interface and compared with those under linux and they look identical (apart from hostname)10:04
rajmI'll take a look in /var/log10:04
rajmno nothing obvious there, coffee and a cream cake don't appear to have fixed it either :-(10:17
rajmlooks again at the hostname issue we had initially with w10
toscalixmy next task is to update the block diagram10:42
* rajm wonders why the w10 vm has installed lava 2017-10??! has there been an update in the repos or is something broken in the provision script?10:46
rajmnot convinced on putting ser2net on the block diag as it's running on the host, I could put the version running on my laptop12:05
rajmthink I've done with the diag - unless you needed something else toscalix ?12:35
rajmtries a fresh provision just with lava under linux to see what version that gets12:36
toscalixrunning on the host, I see12:57
toscalixI remember now12:57
toscalixrajm: please check now, better?12:59
rajmyou've just changed the ser2net box? yes better - though to confuse things in windows10 ser2net runs on the vm13:01
rajmnot sure if the w10 lava breaking is due to using 2017-10 of lava but we've been using the latest version of lava whenever we do a fresh provision and I don't think we want that for the release  - I need to check which repos 2017-7 is in and do another w10 provision with that (and a merge request!)13:03
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toscalixworking on the documentation to prepare the wiki pages structure for the coming release16:31
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