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toscalixah, welcome back, rajm08:01
toscalixnice holidays?08:02
toscalixany trip?08:02
rajmwalked along the Loire from Azay le rideaux to Fontevraud, a little footsore but rested! (and considering how to wangle my way back to staying at La Croix Blanche in fontevraud again...)08:07
toscalixI see08:11
toscalixlots of wine, I assume08:11
rajmindeed :-) and vineyards not seen harvesting before, last hotel had local walnuts and blanc de blancs for breakfast (I restrained myself on some of that)08:14
toscalixfor breakfast?08:22
toscalixnever seen that08:22
rajmyes for breakfast!08:24
rajmBBB health check back running and sent to list!08:25
* rajm thinks that #139 (the kernelci provisioning issue) should have been mentioned in the report, shall I do a followup or will you toscalix ?08:36
toscalixgo ahead08:36
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rajmmeeting - toscalix , bwh ?10:04
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toscalixrajm: here is the top task for the release I will create this afternoon the ones that develop the plan11:10
rajmthanks will take a look later11:11
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* rajm is amazed that the changes that I've just made to the provisioning appears to have worked first time and got the kernelci up - I'll just do a a little checking out of that new box in a bit11:42
toscalixis the vacation effect12:55
rajmI thought that had a negative effect - but I'll take whatever's going!12:56
toscalixdepending on where you go on vacation12:57
toscalixif you drink good wine....12:57
rajmfreshly provisioned box now with locally built kernel and initramfs and it health checks both with qemu & bbb14:05
rajmI have though spotted a typo in the initramfs build14:06
rajmI've created #145 as an alternative to #139 and will leave #139 for post elce-fixing; #145 needs to be closed for the release14:18
rajmand there's an associated MR
toscalixadded metadata and related issues to #14514:51
toscalixcompleting #144 documentation of the release14:51
toscalixthere are a couple of things we will need to do for the first time14:51
toscalixnow that we will have docu of two different releases14:52
* rajm thinks that the last point of #114 needs linking to #144 I'm about to tick the item before (wiki mods) wondered whether the necessary reboot also needed adding to the configuration page (it's currently on the deploy page because that's where it needs to be done) or should it be on the known issues with an explanation of why you need to reboot - the login fails silently?15:02
toscalixknown issues with a note on the instructions15:06
toscalixlinkeing the known issue15:07
toscalixand the kknown issue linking the ticket15:07
toscalixOnce it is fixed, the ticket is closed, the known issue erased as well as the reference in the docu15:07
toscalixinclude that need to erase the entry in the instructions on the ticket15:07
toscalixthis way you do not forget15:08
toscalixonly landing page and faq to finish
rajmI'm not sure the issue is solvable - but maybe it's so15:11
toscalixoh, we have now a new page, the management page, that I need to include15:15
rajmok updated #114 wrt wiki mods  and assigns it to toscalix for the remaining point15:26
toscalixgetting the "prior to an event" feeling15:35
* rajm prepares to depart!15:38
rajmthanks - have a good evening!15:39
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toscalix done15:52
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