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rajmBBB health checked and sent to list - and this was with a locally built initramfs and LAVA 2017-7!06:44
rajmmy git branch has been updated, will checkout the existing MR shortly06:49
rajmand changed an out of date on the local test - the other BBB tests are also out of date prob need removing but I think that's a different clean up!07:03
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rajmI was wrong - that health check was with the linaro initramfs, I hadn't updated the HC test but...09:04
rajmthere's an email on the list for the real locally built initramfs and it is pleasingly faster (45 sec vs 95sec), I'll create a snippet for the log and be prepared to swap over to a new link on the wiki once it is merged09:05
rajmHere's the log
* rajm thinks that once the initramfs issue #111 has had it's MR done then #56 can also be closed09:24
rajmupdates journal10:11
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rajmI changed to manually install nginx then when it hangs because nothings listening to 8888 I restarted the vm rand the remainder of that script and then the remaining kernel ci installation worked, got a csrf error but I think that was because I missed something13:23
* rajm has pushed doesn't yet work because of the need to manually halt and re-up the vm when it gets to the listening for 8888 bit but in case anyone looks at it in the next 10 days (impending hols!) unless I find the fix in the next 2 hours...!13:53
rajmI've merged the initramfs - did it manually with another commit as there was a gripe about a comment15:27
rajmI've alos updated the example init snippet
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