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rajmat the moment it appears to be stopped in PLAY RECAP I'll try to be a little more patient and give it longer to work/fail - seen this twice already this morning and killed both and tinkered with the provisioning - this hang is on the second run of ansible in install-backend08:14
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rajmand after a C-c I'm waiting 6 minutes for the 'cleanup before exiting' to happen, does a repeat to get out!08:38
rajmah the service is not listening on port 8888 - but why not?08:43
rajmbut back on the pre-provisioned box a BBB health check runs and emails to the list08:58
rajmputs in a networking restart in the backend install but that doesn't appear to be fixing it10:16
rajma tangle of interrelated dependencies....!10:16
rajmtries a manual restart of the vm and then manually running the rest of but then fails, I assume that  more nginx conf is now done earlier on?10:48
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rajmsuspects that kernelci has ubuntu dependencies that are giving problems  at the moment nginx is only partially installed, reading  for background, wasn't on project when this happened...14:55
rajmalso issues #2 and #1214:56
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