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rajmdaily health check passed on BBB (lava 2016) and was sent to the email list07:33
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* rajm reboots my 2017 vm various times creates a qemu device type/device and at last gets a health check to run10:39
toscalixgood news10:53
rajm:-) doesn't sucessfully complete though - adjusts timeouts and tries again10:54
rajm\o/ qemu01 passes and it emails me letting me know10:57
toscalixgreat effort. Congrats10:59
toscalixnow we have some docu to change and, by the way, the block diagram10:59
rajmI'll ask #linaro-lava again about scripting the authentication token - but after lunch..11:00
toscalixgood news....that leads to more work, as usual :-)11:00
toscalixyes, take a break and have a glass of wine11:00
toscalixyou should come to work to Spain ;-)11:01
toscalixwine = food11:01
rajma good idea - need a new terms and conditions for codethink employees based in Spain11:02
* rajm tries a reprovision of b@d with codehelp's suggested change12:32
rajmI needed a reboot of the vm after the provision in order to get the CSRF disabling to take13:24
rajmOnce I have a MR toscalix how are we going to do the approval - verifying that the changes are ok is not a quick inspection of code? Also there's the montjoie branch on backend-config that I'm not intending to commit but it won't provision without it13:28
rajm"Arch parameter must be set in the context section. Please check the device configuration for available architectures" hmmmm!?13:54
toscalixrajm: why don you talk to bwh about it?14:10
toscalixI do not have a good answer for that question, since you are basically the only dev on this14:10
rajmthink it's specific to lava - but when he's online or in...14:11
toscalixdid you have to change backend-config ?14:11
toscalixor just used montjoie patches?14:12
toscalixif you only used them, maybe you can comment/support his PR upstream14:12
rajmI just used his patches - but that's the kernelci end - I'm getting failures in lava14:13
rajmthat sounds good - though there's some outstanding comments he need sto consider14:13
toscalixusing out of tree patches is... dangerous. You will have to monitor that PR closely14:14
toscalixMaybe adding the PR link in our gitlab ticket is a good thing14:15
toscalixrajm: I have on my inbox a mail about the error on the cip wiki you reported14:24
toscalixwhat do you want to do about it?14:24
rajmyes I was working around to getting to that14:25
rajmare they saying that it's something to do with the permissions of the image - if so where do you set those permissions?14:26
rajmI'm still seeing a broken image at the foot of if you're not logged in to the wiki are you seeing the image or not?14:27
* rajm adds link to MR to #127 but I don't intend to commit code that references that branch 14:28
patersoncrajm: I can only see that image if I'm logged in.14:29
patersoncIt looks like that image has been added to the 'cip' wiki, rather than the 'civilinfrastructureplatform' wiki. The former is only available to selected users.14:30
rajmis that the issue then - if so maybe it should be documented somewhere?14:31
rajmand we can say to the Annie/LF that the issue can be closed?14:32
patersoncPerhaps confirm that this is the solution first though ;) I'm just guessing.14:33
toscalixI cannot change the permissions of the media14:36
toscalixdouble checking14:37
rajmlet me try uploading an image putting in in that location and inserting temp onto the wiki14:37
toscalixI can add/change metadata but I do not even see options related with permissions14:38
toscalixso I cannot do anything about this14:38
rajmyes that's the problem I was putting the image in cip rather than civilinfrastructureplatform - once in that other dir a test image displays when I'm logged out14:43
rajmI'll email Annie and say the problem can be closed14:43
rajmcan't see how to delete my test image though :-( (from media manager)14:46
toscalixrajm: maybe you cannot delet but upload a new version (empty file)14:48
toscalixah, in cip wiki (internal) I can delete14:48
toscalixso I can do it for you14:49
toscalixin the public one, I cannot14:49
toscalixshould I delete the block diagram and the usb related image?14:49
rajmfrom cip? yes please14:50
rajmthanks - and my test image is replaced in the media manager by a blank one (as well as another one called blank.png - once I realised you needed to replace with the same name - just clicking replace is not sufficient!)14:56
rajmno comment from the reporter on #129 (opened yesterday) though the url's aren't back maybe leave it open as the git repos still references them?15:06
toscalixwe can leave it open a few more days15:11
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