IRC logs for #cip for Friday, 2017-07-21

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rajmv4.4.75-cip6 BBB health check completes successfully08:48
toscalix_rajm: great to hear08:48
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toscalixis the mail feature giving you a hard time so far?08:49
rajmgiven up for mo on ssmtp trying postfix if that gives problems will ask on #help08:51
rajmany thoughts08:51
rajm..on the image problem on the wiki?08:51
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rajmoutgoing mail in queue (to my codethink address) lets see if the codethink server zaps it as spam...09:26
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rajmtest email accepted by let's see if it ends up on the list10:55
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* rajm sees that I'm the only subscriber to cip-testing-results (shouldn't have included that apology in the test email!!)11:01
rajmand always an advantage if the emails from b@d use a from address that's subscribed to the list!11:34
rajm\o/ log file location isn't very helpful though!11:59
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rajm says that criteria: status: finished is valid but it's getting rejected by lava-tool12:14
rajmI've modded my health check so that an email gets sent to the list on success - but at the moment if it fails b@d keeps quiet about it ;-)12:16
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toscalix_rajm: received a mail12:37
toscalix_from testing ML12:37
rajmonly one?12:37
rajmyou should have got 2 tests and 2 actual result emails (one complete and one incomplete)12:39
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