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toscalixrajm: based on donbrown output, it seems he had an issue. Did you find the issue? Can you double check?08:17
rajmthe running vagrant issue with ssh ? I'll tak a look in a mo'08:22
rajmI don't see the hang at "default: SSH auth method: private key" issue that donbrown experiences it pauses there but only for c 20 seconds08:28
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toscalixdeployment finished then09:17
toscalixnow documentation to adapt it to the new paths09:18
rajmyes changing the wiki at the moment09:30
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toscalixrajm: will you need to re-do the logs in .pdf provided in the wiki?10:08
toscalixremember also to change in the documentation0.9 by 0.9.110:09
rajmI think they're only examples - will take a look and see if there's any glaring differences - the user will get different results - it does say an example and the wiki refers to test 20 for qemu and the pdf to test 6110:13
rajmand the version number of cip appears nowhere just a path for that local version of the cip kernel that was used on the BBB10:16
rajmI thought that 0.9 was generic and included all the 0.9.x series - or do you want them all changed?10:17
toscalixnot a requirement10:17
toscalixonly when it makes sense10:17
rajmok I will review them10:20
toscalixdon changed a few10:22
rajmme too - but I think those now there are ok - what about the download page - the version column I left it because the link needed redoing? I'll add kernelci-backend-config10:35
rajmand all the links on known issues need fixing - they redirect but they need changing10:36
toscalixdownload page should be accurate about the version10:41
toscalixI think10:41
rajmI've updated the number but the link will need changing both because of the date and the version number10:45
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toscalixclosed #9612:09
toscalixcosed #9512:11
rajmI'll close #8612:11
toscalixok, remember to remove the tag "doing"12:12
rajmdone ;-)12:13
toscalixcan you go over #39 ?
toscalixso you can close it?12:15
toscalixdonbrown: please work on the block diagram. There are a couple of tickets, like #38 that depend on that change in order for us to close it12:17
rajmso the links to the wiki need adding at the end (acceptance)? don't remember doing this one in 0.912:17
toscalixbecause we didn't closed this task12:19
rajmso I see! I'll add the links12:19
rajmI'll tick the ser2net ref (in tasks ) treating the daig change as being covered elsewhere12:21
rajmwhat about the "Introduce the following change in the Action 2 description Once the VM to Now that the VM" can we make that change or does it need to wait for the actual release?12:29
toscalixout of context12:29
toscalixnah, done12:33
rajmI'll alter that point on the wiki then12:34
rajmdone and closes #3912:35
rajmwhat about the public gpg key where do I need to put it?12:35
toscalixthere are quite a few tickets/bugs that would require a last look to see if they are up to date12:36
toscalixdownload page12:36
toscalixkeep the private one12:36
toscalixwe will provide it to members12:36
rajmI've updated the download page today so  I think its ok12:37
rajmemail out the public one to cip-dev once we're clear to release?12:37
toscalixif it is in the download page, it is enough12:39
rajmok will add a piece of text to be linked to and upload it to aws12:43
rajm#68 says "Sources will be named based on the folloing: cip_board_at_desk_v0.9.1_sources.tar.gz" does that mean I need to rename everything in sources :-( assumed that being in a dir called v0.9.1 was enough (so for instance I have kernelci-backend-config.tgz ?13:13
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rajmtoscalix ^^13:34
* rajm has run today's BBB health check ok13:42
toscalixno no, that was done some time ago13:49
toscalixplease update it to the current nomenclature13:49
toscalixall these things will be consoldated in the release howto13:49
toscalixI just have no time now to write it13:49
toscalixWho knows, maybe during the trip13:49
rajmok I will fix it13:50
rajmupdated the release howto and am closing #6813:58
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