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rajmOn the vm I'm seeing 0.5GB in /var/lib/lava/dispatcher lots of copies of overlay- one for each job? there needs to be something to clear them up?07:33
rajm#linaro-lava confirms that this is an issue I've created ticket #84 on our side to cover this08:07
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rajmI've added a comment to #75 to make sure that dir is cleaned out before creating a box (until there's an upstream resolution)08:30
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rajmdaily BBB health check runs ok08:53
rajmhowever a job I submitted yesterday hung at the start point (no output shown) I eventually killed it and removed the lines I was trying it still hung, I had to do the health check to then get the lava-tool submission of that job to run08:56
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toscalixI think the schema now is more accurate:
toscalix15 min for our meeting09:45
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toscalixbwh: rajm I am in09:59
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toscalixpatersonc: we cannot see you nor hear you10:02
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toscalixwe will add the U-bbot topic again next week10:32
toscalixsince we ran out of time today10:32
patersoncOkay, thanks10:34
toscalixwe will start with it10:34
patersoncBinh-san got stuck trying to find a meeting room, sorry he was (very) late!10:34
donbrownI think it will be a lot of work to find the minimum U-Boot version that will work on a.) the Beaglebone Black, b.) The Renesas Gen3 and c,) The Altiris (sp?) board Chris mentioned. BUT! If we can determine the minimum versions for these, it should give us the minimum version we can publish for CIP (in general).... Thoughts?10:37
donbrownHave a great day everyone!10:37
toscalixeach member will use different u-boot version in products10:37
toscalixwe have three reference boards10:38
toscalixwe can build the system with one u-boot version from upstream and assume the tests in boards will use a different one. But I am not sure of this approach because of the effort.10:38
toscalixfor internal consumption members will appreciate a system with an upstream U-boot version fully working.10:39
toscalixbut for the reference boards, we will need to use the one provided by the SoC10:39
patersoncI think it's important that we test/verify the CIP Kernel on each reference platform with a specified u-boot version. Issue 53 has already highlighted the problem with having different u-boot versions.10:40
toscalixpatersonc: agree10:40
patersonc"provided by SoC" -> problem here is that boards are often shipped with different u-boot versions10:40
CTtpollardRenesas definitely use their own special uboot10:41
toscalixwe will need to work with several10:41
patersoncCTtpollard: Yep10:42
patersoncDepending on the policy CIP agrees on, for the Renesas CIP reference platform we are prepared to upstream support for u-boot10:43
toscalixit makes the testing effort simpler if the support, even partial, is upstreammed10:43
toscalixlike in the case of BBB10:44
toscalixbut we still have issues to solve10:44
toscalixI am not 100% sure of creating a policy without evaluating the effort that take us to support or work with several u-boot versions, Understanding how many we can afford would help us10:45
* rajm updates #76 to reflect some of the changes that closing this issue will cause to the wiki I'll reference this ticket in #39 10:46
patersoncAgreed. I'm just trying to get the conversation going :)10:46
patersonc*off to lunch10:47
toscalixrajm: thanks10:48
toscalixpatersonc: this is a conversation we need to have :-)10:49
toscalixI saw rajm and bwh has documented the former ship-stoppers in the tickets #76 and #53. Thanks12:18
toscalixrelease scheduled announced in cip-dev ML12:18
rajmthanks - goes back to do remaining bits of #7612:23
CTtpollardare you using vim rajm? :O12:28
CTtpollardI thought you might have eventually come to your senses with emacs ;)12:29
rajmwill go back to getting emacs/tramp and vagrant cooperating after the release12:29
rajmCreates MR for issue 7613:03
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rajmwhat were the views on #77 as to what needs adding to tests (if anything)?13:39
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toscalixrajm: creating a task related with gold master declaration including the actions needed. The details will be added to the wiki in a release howto page13:50
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toscalixgold master declaration task.
toscalixnext one: deployment14:57
toscalixI assume there will be changes from what I added there. rajm bwh donbrown feel free to improve it. After the release, we will create a release howto in the wiki so we keep track of the processes we follow14:58
bwhWho holds, or will hold, the signing key?15:00
toscalixdo you want to ? or do you prefer Robert does?15:02
toscalixshould members have/know it?15:02
rajmI'll remove the LAVA2 repos (which doesn't exist) and replace it with kernelci-build15:02
rajm(from issue 85)15:02
toscalixhummm... Members should have the signing key15:04
toscalixshould also15:04
toscalixwe might not be here in 10 yeras :-D15:06
toscalixadded to #84 the additions we need to do to the FAQ15:07
toscalixto clarify which bug reports go where15:07
rajmITYM #4415:12
toscalixclosed #81
toscalixthe deployment ticket has been created:
toscalixlooking forward to have this step semi-automated.15:33
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toscalixproposed again to create a twitter account16:05
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