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rajmruns lava-tool job with commented lines for possible alterntive and the commented lines are flagged (url not available) as warnings10:07
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rajmI've created a new package from vagrant and uploaded it - that took 35 minutes - rather shorter than the ~6 hours for the upload back in April!13:54
toscalixhow come that difference?15:23
CTtpollardshiny new office internet connection I presume :)15:26
rajmme too (unless that was just a bad day for uploading)15:29
rajmand the package is slightly larger now15:30
toscalixso bandwith is the key point here16:11
toscalixgot it16:11
toscalixdonbrown: can you summarise where you are at and the TFTP issue?16:14
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toscalixdonbrown: your healthcheck... what was the issue?17:10
donbrownThe primary issue is that when it gets to the point of transferring the files over to the BBB using TFTP, it keeps grabbing the NAT IP address of rather than the bridged IP of (The BBB is at So, it can't make the connection to the TFTP server and it times out.17:15
donbrownI found that in the beaglebone-black.jinja2 file, under uboot, the "Send Uboot interrupt character" was set to False. I set it to a default space and set the parameter to TRUE17:15
donbrownI rebooted and the TFTP Server was switched to and my health check passed!17:15
donbrownHowever, after going back and undoing my beaglebone-black.jinja2 changes, it switched back to the address and I am working to get it back.17:16
donbrownSo, I know exactly what the problem is now and I can focus on that.17:17
donbrownYou can see the results of the passed health check here:
donbrownThe failed health check - prior to passing is here:
toscalixah, I see17:31
toscalixresult: pass ... so beautiful :-)17:32
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dl9pf_do you use tftp-hpa  or  dnsmasq ?20:53

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