IRC logs for #cip for Tuesday, 2017-05-02

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toscalixbwh: donbrown lchlan bwh I would to come to an agreement today about #34
toscalixbwh: will you join us today?09:57
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toscalixgoing through the report to be sent out today13:27
toscalixpatersonc: gen3 arrived by the way13:27
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kristermanlly annoyed me today..13:45
CTtpollardgen3 renesas rcar?13:52
rajmit's sitting on my desk CTtpollard (allegedy) I haven't opened it yet13:54
toscalixwell, we have a release as priority 113:54
CTtpollardI've not see the non evaluation version of it13:55
toscalixgo ahead and open it :-)13:55
patersoncrajm: Opened it yet?14:21
rajmI though I was going to get a CTtpollard visitiation - but now opening it himself....14:22
CTtpollardsadly I have other boards to play with :)14:24
patersoncIt's just all fun at Codethink!14:25
rajm\o/ - all the pieces appear to be there and undamaged, I'm not going to try powering it though! ty14:29
patersoncCan you confirm what platform it is?14:30
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rajmafter a reprovision from git latest the BBB health check runs14:45
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toscalixgood news14:54
rajmpatersonc it's a rz/g1m (sorry about the delay here!)14:55
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* toscalix back to the cip report14:56
* rajm hunts through /var/log/lava*/ for any indication of why nothing is appearing in the web interface after a lava-ci submission but finds nothing helpful14:56
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patersoncThanks rajm. I also received the same today. I just wanted to clear up the R-Car gen3 confusion!15:10
rajmok np!15:11
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toscalixreport sent16:42
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