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donbrownMilo Casagrande was able to help me get past the error_email issue that was preventing the latest & greatest kernelci-backend from installing! Woo-hoo! Now we are on the latest backend and frontend.11:46
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donbrownGwaihir: Per your email on the Kernel-CI Changes you stated:14:00
donbrownWe introduced a new mandatory field for a few of the APIs we use in14:00
donbrown    order to uniquely identify jobs, builds and boots. The filed is14:00
donbrown    "git_branch": it was already available in the database and it was14:00
donbrown    already being used, but right now it is mandatory.14:00
donbrownDoes that mean I need to create a branch in git before I build?14:00
Gwaihirdonbrown, no, but you should extract the git branch name and pass it along, even if it just 'master'14:01
donbrowngotcha. Thank you!14:01
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donbrownGwaihir: It doesn't look like kernelci/kernelci-build/ and are using the new $branch yet. (unless I am missing something) - When will this be available? I have the VM booted and everything seems to be working except after I build, no results are displayed via the webserver.14:58
Gwaihirdonbrown, what is
donbrownSorry - Brain fart.15:02
donbrownSorry - Brain fart.15:03
lchlandonbrown: while testing out donbrown/fix_kernelci_back end - I submitted the health check job as per the example and this caused the frontend to return a parsing error. It would seem that something has also gone wrong with Virtualbox networking as another VM I'm running has lost network connectivity at the same time - might be unrelated, but strange it15:36
lchlanhappened at the same time.15:36
lchlanIssue resolved - but I can find nothing in the virtualbox log to explain the network failure - host connection fine.15:54
lchlanLooks like it is probably unrelated.16:09
Gwaihirdonbrown, sorry, the might not have been updated because we kind of got rid of it internally, but if you are using that script, all requests to the /send api need the git_branch info as well16:45
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donbrownGwaihir: OK, I can understand that regarding, but when I use, the build artifacts are created in the old directory structure, without $branch included. Am I missing something simple here?20:11
Gwaihirdonbrown. I think we have a pull request pending to fix that, we tested on a separate branch/repo, I need to double check where that is though because I don't see it on github...20:39

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