IRC logs for #cip for Friday, 2017-03-31

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* rajm has done a few more builds on my clean vm and am still seeing no results on kernelci @ http://localhost:5000/ something is broken...08:24
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rajmand the bbb health check times out - retrieving modules.tar.gz - bah!09:49
toscalixchanged the link to the repo in gitlab to
toscalixso now the repo in gitlab has the same name than bwh repo in kernel.org09:52
toscalixrequest from toshiba09:52
patersoncIs Daniel Sangorrin on this channel?09:59
toscalixnop, in #automotive10:39
toscalixbut in general he is not in IRC10:41
toscalixI believe Toshiba has corporate issues with IRC10:41
patersoncOkay, thanks. We have IRC issues to, but kiwiirc seems to get through the firewalls ;)11:14
patersonctoscalix: FYI, we have a team who are just beginning to look into the testing Action 1 on BBB. End goal is to work out how to add support for the Renesas platform.11:20
patersoncWhat is your preference if they need support? Is cip-dev okay? Or would your rather IRC?11:21
patersoncI guess cip-dev would include Daniel?11:21
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toscalixpatersonc: currently kernelci has upgraded its backend so we are experiencing problems in our setting12:30
toscalixwe are looking into it12:30
toscalixcip-dev is the best one, yes12:30
patersonctoscalix: Okay, thanks.12:31
toscalixlchlan: maybe you have a first issue you can throw your opinion at. It is
lchlantoscalix: will have a look.12:35
toscalixnot critical12:36
rajm.. on changes to the healthcheck to use the localhost version of the kernelci builds...12:57
rajmand I think the localhost:8010 links will have the build configuration as part of the url, potentially in multiple places , the file should use them as variables so that users only need to change them in one place12:57
toscalixsent to cip-dev the link to #63 in case somebody is using the tool13:48
lchlantoscalix: re. - 2G sounds sane, but will do some more checks when I can build.14:16
toscalixdonbrown: lchlan will provide input14:21
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