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toscalixI am working on the release plan09:50
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toscalixtask created
toscalixCreated the ticket that includes the tasks to perform on the feature page for the release.
toscalixrajm: any conclusion from #16 ?11:05
rajmit looks to describe the problem but no solution apart from sometimes 'it just works' :-(11:06
toscalixare you in the position to document the solution?11:08
rajmlet me update the ticket with an extract from the log11:08
rajmI don't know why it's now failing when it was working last week11:08
toscalixIt seems to me that the answer to that question is key to keep taking steps forward.11:37
toscalixdo you agree?11:37
rajmyes I think there are possible routes to investigation11:44
rajmyes I have the health check working \o/11:45
toscalixwhat did you do?11:47
rajmit was related to having both eth and wifi active the vm has the ip address in the data dict and if the host starts using wifi the ip is incorrect, I turned wifi off and rebooted the bbb11:50
toscalixnow that we will offer vagrant and a VM, should we split the documentation, separating what is specific from the deployment in each case and what is common, putting in a sigle page?11:50
rajmI'll update the ticket11:50
toscalixrajm: I am afraid we need that documented11:50
toscalixin the ticket, yes, in detail, but also in the wiki,11:50
rajmas well as the ticket - I'm not sure that the ip in the dictionary is mentioned - looking11:51
toscalixdocumenting as instructions what should be done and referring to the ticket to understand why11:51
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rajmthe repos sets the connection command to telnet localhost 8020 but I think that's incorrect kristerman ? and needs the actual ip address?12:54
rajmand is there a relation in that solution for #16 to this ?13:32
kristermanrajm, step 6 in wiki handles this: :
rajmah yes kristerman remember making that change now13:38
rajmso toscalix -  a comment at point 6 that if you have 2 ip addresses you should probably disable one of the connections and then use the active one?13:39
toscalixdonbrown: is the docu guy. I would add it and he will review it. Make a note on the ticket.13:42
toscalixYou have access to the wiki, right?13:43
rajmI should login with github?13:46
rajmI can only see emails about access to cip-project - and not linuxfoundation - being granted13:49
toscalixrajm: let me check if you have permissions14:03
toscalixrajm: reqeusted edit rights for you14:07
rajmok I'll wait for the email!14:07
toscalixadded a couple more tasks for the release14:34
toscalixrajm: once the healthcheck passes, what is next?14:58
toscalixare you running the tests?14:58
rajmjust trying with and without the open telnet connect to the bbb but seems to consistently fail without it15:00
toscalixah, so accessing the board after the healthcheck15:02
rajmI was manually re-running the healthcheck - but once this one (which shd work) is done I'll put the board 'online' I'm unsure whether the subsequent auto tests will work as the bbb has rebooted15:04
rajmarrgh! that test failed wonder if it needs a power off after a failed test with no telnet connect - doesn't bode well for auto testing15:06
rajmafter reconnecting to the bbb via telnet, running reboot and then logging in and disconnecting telnet the health check works15:14
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toscalixworking on the release announcement15:42
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rajmI've pushed the update to bbb_debian_ramdisk_test.yaml to gitlab16:21
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