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donbrowntoscalix: Can you tell me how you want it done? Do you use a particular format or template - anything like that or is is just freeform?01:05
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toscalixOn a side note, I've seen you haven't used the snippets feature in gitlab. I think it could be very interesting:
rajmthis morning I'm still getting an error on the soft reboot it claims a pass but highlights the error 'Hard reset required but not defined for device.' and test marked as incomplete09:29
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kristermanLinaro changed the paths to the kernel files10:23
kristermandonbrown, new directory for files:
kristermanThe health check yaml needs to be updated too10:24
rajmI was running wrong test now runs through, summary says 3 tests failed but can't see that in the log output11:03
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toscalixwe need a mailing list to share the test logs, right?11:19
toscalixtime to create it?11:19
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toscalixis there anywhere in the config a place where to tell kernelci where to send the logs?11:20
toscalixI was planning this for Action 211:20
* rajm looks11:21
toscalixafter the release, but if it is easy to do, I can create the list11:21
toscalixand we start sending there the tests, even if they mean nothing at this point11:21
rajmwebsearching suggests it can be done, just trying to find it11:26
toscalixdonbrown: can you check ticket 16 ?11:29
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rajmneed notify block in the test
toscalixhummm, it requires some effort, from what I see11:45
CTtpollardmight be easier to have it spit out the log to a directory that is hosted somewhere11:54
toscalixI would rather leave the topic in the backlog for now and concentrate in having the VM and listen to what Ben H. has to say about his requirements, now that he can execute tests13:12
toscalixI would like to release asap13:12
toscalixso others can test kernels too13:12
toscalixthe VM is about 4Gb. rajm will find found out how biug it is if we compress it14:06
toscalixGwaihir: around?14:06
Gwaihirtoscalix, sort of...14:07
toscalixjust a question no need inmediate answer. I'll post it14:07
toscalixI am trying to figure out the best approach to share the logs assuming several engineers are uising  the kernelci VM. I think sharing logs is the easiest thing for now, like kernelci is doing14:08
toscalixI wonder if configuring lava-kernelci to use a different mailing list is hard.14:09
toscalixit is a matter of a few hours of engineering effort? days?14:10
toscalixI am trying to evaluate if this is a task we should try before the formal release or after (if it takes days)14:11
toscalixBAsed on thi
toscalixGwaihir: that was the question14:11
rajmcompressed its still around 4Gb will explore other options to make it smaller14:14
toscalixso the storage space I will request is 10 Gb so we can have 2 different versions of the VM14:16
rjekWhy are you all talking in Gigabits? :)14:17
toscalixwe will need to treat the VM as a "product" with releases since we will need to freeze and keep one or more versions of the test tooling system for post morten reasosns in 10 years14:18
toscalixrjek: can you develop?14:18
rjektoscalix: ?14:19
rajmthat's why I normally write G14:19
toscalixyour comment, I am out of context14:19
toscalixgot it14:20
Gwaihirtoscalix, you mean sending the results from each developer's VM to a dedicated mainling list?14:20
toscalixGwaihir: yes14:20
rjekGb == Gigabit, GB = Gigabyte14:20
toscalixgot it yes, you are right GB14:20
Gwaihirtoscalix, that's up to you where you send the reports, you can use the /send api and specify the mailing list you want14:21
Gwaihirtoscalix, though you need a way to trigger that API call14:21
toscalixhummm, which means we need some time to get familiar with it14:22
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CTtpollardmight want to try & compress it with 7z?15:04
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rajm140 bytes larger with 7z I intend to look at suggestions here
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toscalixwe will provide the VM without compression then. rajm donbrown , do you agree?16:10
CTtpollardIf the disk of the VM is dynamic you might be able to shrink the free space by writing over it with zeroes16:11
toscalixdonbrown: tomorrow in our team meeting bwh will also participate. If you have questions for him, send them in advance so he can prepare the answers.16:13
rajmI'll look at that free space zeroing suggestion - which did make a difference on the mi001 vm16:13
toscalixhten, let's do it16:14
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