IRC logs for #cip for Thursday, 2016-12-08

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rajmWe've created a gitlab project using as a starting point to enable users to set up a local vm running kernel ci for their own testing , we've had to make a few commits to fix a few issues but now have it working with results viewable from the host machine's browser10:28
rajm(where we is  donbrown and me) curretly trying to work out why the link to the build aftefacts don't work - get 404's though the page describing the build is fine10:29
rajmComparing my locahost url with a random one off - that has - I have11:13
rajmlocalhost:5000/build/id/randomString/localhost/tree/gitDescribe/arch-defconfig/build.log (where randomString =  5848173d0640fd1ab308e071 ) but even removing the apparently  extraneous stuff from the URL still gives me a 40411:15
toscalixjust in case, there is a #kernelci channel at freenode where you can ping the developers11:49
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toscalixGwaihir: welcome11:56
toscalixMilo Casagrande is the dev of the kernelci frontend, amI right?11:56
Gwaihirhi, yeah, it is me11:56
toscalixIn the channel topic you see a link to the log of this channel11:56
toscalixso you can follow our dev11:57
Gwaihiryep, saw it, thanks11:57
toscalixfeel free to point us what you want us to submmit upstream or post somewhere else11:57
toscalixwe have here an upstream first policy11:58
Gwaihirsure, will do, but whatever you find not working or not generic enough in the kernelci code, just send a PR, a patch or we can discuss it first in #kernelci12:41
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