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dl9pfhi leon !09:44
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nixihi. i was thinking of reverse-engineering the diagnostic protocol of my car. the general idea was that i would capture all traffic going trough the usb interface connected to my car and look for some obvious data such as engine rpm. later i would crack more and more values. is this viable?14:59
nixialso are there any projects that might be doing this already?15:00
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smurraynixi: I'm not aware of anyone that does reverse engineering like that hanging out here, perhaps try the ##re channel15:29
nixiso what's this channel about? :D15:30
nixiif case anybody is interested about this topic, i found this series:
niximight be a nice read15:48
mvladAdopting a shared platform across the industry reduces fragmentation and allows automakers and suppliers to reuse the same code base, which leads to rapid innovation and16:15
mvladnixi: err,
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