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paulbarkerdl9pf: I'm looking at the rpi audio issue08:59
paulbarkerdl9pf: In this comment, where does that dt overlay come from?08:59
paulbarkerI can't find it in the source tree08:59
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dl9pfmvlad: montjoie: can you exchange/hash this out wrt screenshooter here?10:49
mvladqemux86-64:~# ls -al *.png || echo $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR && agl-screenshooter && ls -al *.png11:13
mvladls: cannot access '*.png': No such file or directory11:13
mvlad-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 1087468 Jan 18 11:13 agl-screenshot-2021-01-18_11-13-40.png11:13
mvladmontjoie: could you check if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is actually set?11:15
montjoieI resend a job with more debug11:18
montjoiemvlad: yes it is set
montjoiebut the binary is not found, so unrelated with XDG_RUNTIME_DIR ?11:27
dl9pfchange script to use just /usr/bin/agl-screenshooter and not whereis11:32
dl9pfmight also be some HOME or TMP dir missing in the environment11:32
dl9pfmvlad:  do you depend in any other Env var bes8de XDG_RUNTIME_DIR ?11:33
dl9pfmontjoie: the kingfisher might not embed the screenshooter. bug in packagegroup. try pi4 or qemu!11:39
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montjoiedl9pf: it works on qemu
mvladdl9pf: no, not that I know of.12:06
mvladdl9pf: agl-screenshooter is not packge, it comes by default the compositor.12:09
mvlads/packge/package, or better said a yocto/OE recipe.12:09
mvladdl9pf: it should be available on every platform.12:09
mvladmontjoie: it seems so yes. Need to tune it a bit, as in, to stop homescreen and re-load/re-running w/ the correct QMLs to match the ref image.12:11
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mvladoops :)12:50
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montjoiein fact XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not mandatory to work13:02
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dl9pfok, so we got a step closer. will chat during the call13:30
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dl9pfpaulbarker: we do use the u-boot cmdline ...13:39
dl9pfmvlad: whereis probably was the problem13:40
dl9pflet's just either call agl-screenshooter  from PATH then .13:40
dl9pfmost of the time we use 'which' or 'which | head -1'  in such cases13:41
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dl9pfpaulbarker: See
dl9pfpaulbarker: the driver seems to be built as "=M" module, let's try if it is a built-in.14:46
paulbarkerdl9pf: Sounds good. I'm looking into the kernel cmdline to see if the diff between my local pi and what you've got there in lava is important14:47
paulbarkerI keep running into boot failures though14:48
paulbarkerSomething very sketchy about this. It works for several boots then I start getting failure to load the fdt. After that no more successful boots until I re-write the SD card image14:48
dl9pfhuch ???  wrt boots ...14:49
paulbarkerI should buy another rpi4. I got mine for free, I believe they're production samples or early revisions14:49
dl9pf     shows no alsa sound cards, but this is kernel bootup right before userspace and the module load is of course later when nbd is mounted and systemd init is running.14:50
paulbarkerNo alsa sound cards is expected at that point I believe14:51
dl9pfbut the module load does not seem to enable audio then lateron14:51
dl9pfaplay -l:
dl9pfprobably we're missing something14:53
paulbarkerdl9pf: Do you have a HDMI display attached?14:59
paulbarkerI get very different `aplay -l` output with and without HDMI connected, makes me worry a little15:00
dl9pfthe DSI (official touchscreen) is attached15:01
dl9pfaudio should be using the default 3,5mm jack in our case15:01
paulbarkerdl9pf: I should look what `aplay -l` prints under 4.1915:03
* paulbarker goes looking in lava15:04
paulbarkerOk, so that command isn't normally in the test15:05
paulbarkerdl9pf: At least I figured out the problem with my pi. It's saving junk into uboot.env, removing that makes it boot again. So it's not corrupting the SD card15:09
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dl9pfhmm, do you have a dump of the runtime devicetree for  audio=on vs audio=off in dtparams ?16:37
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paulbarkerdl9pf: I can't get the pi to boot at all when loading the dtb manually in u-boot16:59
paulbarkerSo I can't see if the firmware is doing anything magic to the fdt after it is loaded16:59
paulbarkerI'm trying to replicate what the lava job does but using `fatload` instead of `tftp` and setting `root=/dev/mmcblk0p2` on the kernel cmdline17:00
dl9pfi mean not with u-boot17:02
dl9pfwhat does the devicetree in /sys show on a raspbian if booted with dtparam=audio=on   and w/o ?17:03
dl9pfwe could diff to see if it sets another option17:03
paulbarkerdl9pf: I can try that. The thing is, with the AGL images I do see soundcards without `dtparam=audio=on` if I just set the audio status to okay in the fdt from u-boot17:07
paulbarkerSo what I'd want to compare against is the case when the firmware hasn't touched the fdt at all (i.e. when loading a dtb manually in u-boot using tftp or fatload)17:08
paulbarkerdl9pf: Tried everything I can think of there, going to look at Raspbian now17:13
paulbarkerkaslr-seed changes on every boot so we can ignore that17:24
dl9pfheh ... then I have zero idea ...17:25
dl9pfwe do set status to okay in u-boot cmdline already17:26
dl9pfbut no sound device shows up17:26
dl9pflatest try :17:26
paulbarkerdl9pf: I've seen several completely different outputs from `aplay -l` in my testing today17:26
dl9pfso i do not have hdmi connected here ... only dsi touchscreen, thus it should default to bcm2835 using the jack17:27
dl9pfwell we do not care actually if jack or hdmi in the test atm anyway17:27
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paulbarkerdl9pf: Are you using a combined dtb for this testing?17:29
dl9pfour stock combined-dtb as built with 'agl-demo agl-devel agl-netboot'17:30
dl9pfhmm sec17:31
dl9pf  is with stock dtb as generated by us17:32
dl9pf  with our stock 'combined' dtb17:33
paulbarkerdl9pf: I'm going to wrap up for the day and take another look tomorrow17:47
paulbarkerHopefully will spot something with a fresh mind17:48
dl9pfpaulbarker: roger. at least the difference seems to be only that 'okay' - which we do set.17:58
paulbarkerdl9pf: My wonder is what else does the firmware unconditionally do. I think I can check that tomorrow though17:59
dl9pf   seems interesting18:00
dl9pfsnd_bcm2835.enable_compat_alsa=0  snd_bcm2835.enable_hdmi=1 snd_bcm2835.enable_headphones=118:00
dl9pfthey seem to have put an incompatible change into late > kernels18:00
dl9pfhmm, no these options are quite old actually ... hmmm18:13
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dl9pfpaulbarker: got the same result22:34
dl9pfbootargs = "coherent_pool=1M 8250.nr_uarts=1 snd_bcm2835.enable_compat_alsa=0 snd_bcm2835.enable_hdmi=1 video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080M@60 smsc95xx.macaddr=DC:A6:32:B1:17:44 vc_mem.mem_base=0x3ec00000 vc_mem.mem_size=0x40000000  dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0  root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait       usbhid.mousepoll=0";22:34
dl9pfthis if the fdt delivered by the firmware22:34
dl9pfso the snd_bcm2835 are new, vc_mem.* is new   compare to the CI setup22:35
dl9pfpaulbarker: i think it is this:22:44
dl9pf[    1.159438] bcm2835_vchiq fe00b840.mailbox: failed to set channelbase22:44
dl9pf[    1.159450] vchiq: could not load vchiq22:44
dl9pf[    1.159523] bcm2835_vchiq: probe of fe00b840.mailbox failed with error -2222:44
dl9pfsound is part of the mailbox22:44
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