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* fury waves at dl9pf over here too (lol, dunno why i'm chatting in the accel chat box, there's a perfectly good slack and/or irc)02:09
furygood talk about the LAVA test setup! i'm gonna have to rewatch that one a few dozen times and start dreaming about setting up my own02:10
dl9pfthe lava-docker make it easier to do.02:11
dl9pflittle x86 box and there you go.02:12
furyyes, good thing too, i already have docker on my workstation since i use that as my gitlab ci runner too02:12
furyso i might be able to start with throwing it on there02:12
furyi was going to eventually just set up a shell runner for agl builds in gitlab ci, but if there's a better way, i am all ears02:13
dl9pfthe builds can be gitlab-ci and a shell runner02:15
furyas far as i can tell, gitlab doesn't yet have a good shared workspace type deal that would fit for large source builds like aosp or yocto, so i've been using it fine for my microcontroller based stuff, or desktop apps, or single qt apps02:15
furybut for agl pretty sure it'd have to be shell runner02:15
furyso that it can just use the shared workspace/downloads dir02:16
dl9pfput a webserver on it as well to host the built artifacts02:16
furyi am on the same network as my kubernetes cluster there, so i can probably do something along the lines of pack the build artifacts into a docker image to throw up onto the cluster02:17
furyassuming i have enough space02:17
waltminerno barfing on the cluster02:17
furysanta, can i have a few 4tb SSDs?02:18
furybitbarf agl-demo-platform-all-the-things02:18
furyoof. am not a coffee guy, but might need to dust off my coffee maker. so much good stuff i have missed / need to catch up on / won't be able to catch up on, i guess it doesn't record the zoom calls?02:19
waltminerI think they were recorded02:20
furyi passed out just before the bof, just got a blank space when i try to go back to rewatch02:20
furyi can see transcript but no video02:21
furywasn't sure if that's just me or something wonky02:22
smurrayfury: lots of SSDs on sale this week, at least02:29
furyis it still black friday month all year long?02:30
smurrayfury: I had spam today from newegg indicating Samsung SSDs were still on sale02:40
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cengiz_iohello there!08:15
cengiz_ioso I've been trying to add users with static ids, following the example of agl-users08:15
cengiz_ioin order to NOT crowd the space, I've created a custom "recipe-config/". but "useradd-staticids" class complains that I didn't modify meta-agl-profile-core/files/{passwd,group}08:19
cengiz_iothere seems to be some merge logic on that useradd-staticids class so I've added "files/{passwd,group}" right to the root of my layer.08:20
cengiz_ioit still complains.08:20
cengiz_iothe question is, how can I append my users to those files in meta-agl-profile-core? there's no bb or bbappend08:21
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cengiz_iook here's my comment: due to meta-agl-profile-core having 00_local.conf priority, it's impossible to append to USERADD_UID_TABLES or USERADD_GID_TABLES values in your template 50_local.conf.09:46
cengiz_iouseradd-staticids class has a logic to merge multiple files from different layers, but since those always get overridden by "meta-agl-profile-core / conf / include /" I can't put my own users as static ids.09:47
cengiz_iosmurray got any idea?09:47
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smurraycengiz_io: I'll have to experiment a bit.  It's not clear to me why you wouldn't be able to do USERADD_UID_TABLES_append = " files/my-passed" in your, then have files/my-passwd with the extra user in your layer?16:07
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